Grumps Fishing Report

Grumps Fishing Report If you are looking for a fishing report, Grumps is a great place to start. Their reports are updated each week, usually by Thursday. They are created by a contractor who collects information from local fishing guides, marinas and bait shops. The information is then compiled by an outside company.

Grumpy's Fishing Report

Grumps Fishing Report

Fish reported this week were hitting poppers and chunk baits

Bass, bluefish, and striped bass were all reported hitting chunk baits and poppers this week. Anglers are also targeting clams, bunker, and SP minnows in the bay and surf. A recent replenishment project may also be a factor in the bluefishing activity.

The fishing this week has been very up and down. Commercial fishermen are staying tight-lipped about where they are fishing. Nonetheless, they’re being patient and using baits that are producing results. Some fish have weighed over 110 inches, according to Capt. Greg Bogan, owner of Brielle Bait and Tackle.

On the South Shore, topwater popper action has been slow this week, but the Hogy Sand Eel Jig has proven itself again this week. Also worth trying are Hogy Harness Jigs and Pro Tail Paddles. They’ve been effective in getting a variety of fish.

Grumpy's Fishing Report

Despite the chilly temperatures, the Bluefin bite has remained outstanding. Big bluefin have been hitting jigs, but smaller ones have been more difficult to locate. For these smaller bluefish, baits such as mackerel or whiting have worked well.

Bass have been consistently biting this week, but not consistently at the same time each day. Small top-water lures such as dropshot Roboworms have been working well early in the morning. Later in the day, a flick shake rig has been producing results. Fish reported this week were hitting poppers and chunk baits.

Grumpy's Fishing Report

Grumps Fishing Report

Horse mackerel and full moon resulted in good fishing

The strong Southwester and full moon resulted in good fishing. There were a few catches of horse mackerel, scrounge and bluefish, but most of the catches were smaller. Nonetheless, we were happy with our catch.

Grumpy's Fishing Report

Bass and blues fishing in Raritan Bay

The bass and blues fishing has continued to heat up in Raritan Bay. The striped bass and bluefish bite has been excellent on both the New York and New Jersey sides of the bay. Using large soft plastics and wood plugs, fishermen are catching limits of both species. In addition, fishing grounds off Staten Island have been productive. Anglers are also casting flutter spoons and spooks for bass.

Anglers from Atlantic Highlands reported catching several small bass and bluefish. In addition, they also caught several large bluefish. In one tournament, Capt. Frank Maseria of the Vitamin Sea fished the waters with four anglers, including three father-son pairs. In addition to catching bass, the fishermen also caught several large bluefish.

Bass and blues fishing in Raritan Bay is best in the early spring and early summer. Larger bass tend to arrive in April with bunker and prefer the western end of the bay. They average about 28 inches in length and are growing larger every year.

On Saturday, Capt. Vinny Vetere and his customers found a good school of bass on trollers. While most of the bass landed were small, one customer reported a red letter day trolling for 30 pounds. Later on, he switched to live bunkers and caught 15 bass. The surf conditions at Sandy Hook were also good, but no bass were biting on lures. While the bass and bluefish fishing in Raritan Bay is not overly exciting, the fleet of for-hire boats are working the waters daily.

Raritan Bay is a great place for bass fishing, with shallow waters and protected water. Anglers should use circle hooks and release bass that are still spawning. During the summer, Raritan Bay is known for its large schools of bass.

During the warmer summer months, anglers can find a number of bass and bluefish in Raritan Bay. While the water temperature has slowly warmed up this year, the ocean temperature hasn’t risen much. It is around 50 degrees and still a few degrees above average. If the weather conditions clear up soon, it should be a good day for fishing.

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