California Delta Fishing Report

California Delta Fishing Report

California Delta Fishing Report If you’re looking for a California Delta fishing report, you’ve come to the right place. From the Bluegill to the Sunfish, the region is filled with a variety of species to hook on. This report focuses on the Striped bass, Sturgeon, Bluegill, and Sunfish.


The winter storms have caused the Delta to remain relatively calm, creating excellent conditions for striped bass. The tides have also been deficient, which has negatively affected sturgeon fishing. However, experienced sturgeon fishermen have found success in Suisun Bay. You should use fresh cured roe as bait.

Sturgeon are present throughout the Delta year-round, but their peak season is December through March. The best times to catch sturgeon are upstream, but the lower Delta is also rich in sturgeon. You can also target white sturgeon by employing specific white sturgeon fishing techniques.

In addition to sturgeon, striped bass are also available, and the Pittsburg area is hot for these. Fresh cured roe is the most effective bait for sturgeon.

California Delta Fishing Report

Striped bass – California Delta Fishing Report

The California Delta is a prime location for catching striped bass. These beautiful fish make annual spawning runs into the river system, and anglers can also find trophy largemouth and spotted bass. The California Delta has over 1000 miles of water, which offers plenty of variety for any angler. However, it is important to be careful while fishing because of the tidal flows.

The most productive areas for catching these fish include Knights Landing and Colusa, although anglers can find them in virtually any location in the delta. The best baits for stripers are sardines and shad. Anglers should use medium to heavy tackle and concentrate on current breaks and edges of channels. It is important to keep the bait near the bottom, and it is helpful to have multiple sinkers on hand.

Anglers can also try trolling minnow imitation lures to catch striped bass. Using live bait is also an effective way to catch these fish. While fishing for striped bass is not as prolific as it has been in the past, there are still plenty of opportunities to snag one.

California Delta Fishing Report


If you’re looking for the perfect spot to catch a big bluegill, the California Delta is the place for you. It’s home to a number of different species, including stripers, striped bass, and catfish. It’s a diverse fishery, so you should be prepared for anything. It’s also a good idea to bring along a GPS unit. Additionally, hiring a guide can make your trip a more successful one.

While bluegills are usually found near the shore, they tend to feed in weedy areas where they can’t be disturbed. You can try fishing for them in shallow coves or using artificial baits. Bloodworms, grass, and ghost shrimp are popular baits for catching bluegills. You can also use nylon netting to help keep the bait on the hook.

You can also try your luck fishing for sturgeon at the Sacramento River. This species inhabits the lower part of the Delta year-round. The best time to catch a sturgeon is from December through March. You can use spinners, plugs, and spoons to lure the fish. You can also try your hand at white sturgeon.

Sunfish – California Delta Fishing Report

If you’re looking for sunfish fishing in the Delta, you’ve come to the right place. California is home to an abundance of sunfish. This popular sport fish can be found in a variety of warm water lakes, rivers, and streams. You can fish for bluegill, white bass, rock bass, and pumpkinseed sunfish in the region’s lakes and reservoirs.

Striped bass fishing in the Delta is also picking up. Salmon roe is the best bait, and eel is an excellent choice for striped bass. There is also a chance to catch sturgeon. If you are an experienced angler, this may be the year to go sturgeon fishing.

Striped bass fishing in the Delta is consistent and productive. Trolling minnows and anchovies with garlic Pro-Cure scent is effective for locating stripers. Striped bass can be caught on all types of artificial bait, but live worms and minnows are also great baits.


The California Delta is a popular destination for crappie fishing, but it can also be difficult to find these tasty fish. Sunfish and bluegill are the most common species in the Delta and can be easily caught on natural or live baits. Crappie, however, can be much harder to locate and tend to travel in large schools. Backwater areas can produce good catches, as can areas farther up the San Joaquin River. One popular shoreline location is at 8-mile Road Bridge.

Crappie jigs are the most popular artificial lures used for crappie fishing. They work well in water that ranges from two to 40 feet deep. Spoons, spinners, and small crankbaits are also effective when fishing in shallow waters. Understanding the movement patterns of crappie will help you locate the best places to cast your lures.

The best time of day to fish is at the beginning of the tide, between the incoming and outgoing tides. In this time, fish are most active and are more likely to bite a small artificial lure.

Fly fishing – California Delta Fishing Report

If you’re looking for a unique experience in California, you might want to try fly fishing in the Ca Delta. This region is home to a variety of species, including big stripers, which can weigh up to thirty pounds. Bryce focuses on finding one or more ten-pound-plus stripers per trip. He’s tallied several personal bests and has put clients on fish as large as twenty pounds. You can visit the Delta by driving an hour from the greater Bay Area or the Sacramento Area.

The Delta is an excellent fly fishing destination, and is growing in popularity with fly fishermen around the world. The Delta’s fresh, tidal waters are surrounded by scenic riparian scenery. It is a fantastic place to go fly fishing, and you’ll find plenty of big striped bass and bragging-size largemouth bass in these waters.

The water temperature in the Delta is 60 degrees or more during the summer. Largemouth bass love a top-water bite, so casting frog patterns and poppers can be fun and exciting. In the fall, larger fish will begin to return to the Delta, including some huge stripers.

Best spots to fish

The Sacramento and San Joaquin River Delta is home to diverse fish and wildlife. It’s the largest estuary in the Western United States and is inhabited by hundreds of different species. In the Delta, you can find anything from 10-pound stripers to monstrous sturgeons. Fishing in this region requires diversification in tactics and equipment.

While the whole Delta is a good place for largemouth bass fishing, the central part of the delta has a high concentration of prime bass water. Largemouth bass are the most common, but smallmouths are also abundant and offer exciting fishing. The Sacramento River Delta also harbors spotted bass, which are relatively recent additions to the area.

The San Joaquin River is another area with abundant fish, particularly stripers. While they can be found throughout the delta, the best spots for striper fishing are around Knights Landing and Colusa. Stripers will often feed on sardines, shad, and other bait. To catch stripers, you need medium-heavy tackle and should target current breaks and edges of channels. Remember to keep your bait near the bottom of the water, and always have a selection of sinkers on hand.

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