Potomac River Fishing Report

Potomac River Fishing Report Fishtankfacts.com There are a few things to keep in mind if you are fishing the Potomac River this week. The South Branch Potomac is running at record levels and the Shenandoah is at record levels, making the water muddy and difficult to fish. In such conditions, larger dark-colored baits should be used. Once the water clears up, the fishing will be more productive. Algae blooms could be present, but the high flows will clear them, and the cooler water temperatures will prevent them from regrowing.

Anglers are trolling channel edges

Anglers are targeting striped bass and blue catfish along the Potomac River’s channel edges. The medium-sized fish are a great addition to the freezer. Anglers are troll-baiting with spoons or grass shrimp behind an inline weight.

Jigs are best fished along channel edges. Large soft plastic jigs will work well. Anglers can use bucktails and large parachute jigs. They can also use large sassy shads dressed on Mojos. Trollers are also using flat lines and fishing right off the stern.


Despite the fact that Maryland’s rockfish season has ended, the lower Potomac on the Virginia side continues to produce excellent catches. Trolling rigs off Vermar Beach in 40-foot depth is producing good results.

Potomac River Fishing Report

Average fish sizes range from 20 to 28 inches. Anglers are also catching monster blue catfish in the deep channel past Fort Washington.

Anglers are also targeting Spanish mackerel and bay anchovies, which are being caught by casting and trolling. The best fishing action is along the shipping channel’s eastern edge, from the HS Buoy south to Buoy 72.

Spanish mackerel are feeding on bay anchovies and are easily seen breaking water. Most anglers are trolling, but spinning rods with metal jigs are also useful.

Potomac River Fishing Report

Jigging – Potomac River Fishing Report

Jigging on the Potomac River is an excellent way to catch a variety of fish. The river’s abundance of grass provides cover for bass. Some of the top pros prefer a power approach to fishing this grass, while others use finesse tactics.

The DC section of the river has year-round yellow perch. This stretch of the Potomac is also a good place to find a large number of snakeheads.

The Potomac River is home to over 400 miles of fishable waters. The river drains parts of Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Washington, DC. It rises on the Appalachian Plateau and widens in the Valley and Ridge Province. It is one of the US’ most popular fishing destinations and is a great way to get away from the city and reconnect with nature.

There is great fishing on the Potomac River during the spring and summer months. The water temperatures are in the mid to upper 70s, making for excellent visibility.

Potomac River Fishing Report

The water levels are near median, which means that you can access the river from all major access points. While traditional boats may have trouble navigating some areas, canoes and waders are perfect for exploring the river’s hidden corners.

Fish in weedy areas are a prime place for jigging. Jigging on the Potomac River is a great way to find these fish. Jigging is best done with a small jig in shallow waters or in the grass beds.

Angling in the Potomac River has become increasingly popular in recent years. Many kayak fishing businesses have opened up in the city and suburbs, making it easier for the average Joe to access these waters. Additionally, kayak fishing is a great option for fishermen because of its small size and low noise.

Live-lining – Potomac River Fishing Report

The Potomac River is home to a large number of species of fish. The tidal waters of the Potomac, Nanticoke, and Patuxent rivers are particularly productive for blue catfish. Live-lining is a great way to catch these fish. A favorite bait for these fish is cut menhaden. But clam snouts, chicken liver, and frogs are also effective.

Recreational crabbers report fair crabbing prospects in the lower and middle bays. However, there’s not much going on in the upper bay. The majority of crabs taken are number twos, and a fair portion are light. Live-lining is a great way to catch them in a shallow stream.

The Potomac River is one of the best places for catching striped bass in the lower reaches. Anglers should target the channel edges in this area, and the steep channel edge near Piney Point is ideal for live-lining. Often, a day’s limit can be caught in no time at all.

While you can fish the Potomac River year-round, the best times to fish are during the cooler months. Cloudy days tend to bring out better strikes.

A supplemental stocking program started in 2012, and surveys show steady improvement. In fact, the walleye catch rate in 2018 was 17.3 adult fish per hour, which was significantly higher than the 10-year average of 13.

Although surface temperatures are warm across Maryland, the water temperature remains in the low 70s. Surface water temperatures will continue to warm this week,

so anglers seeking warm water should concentrate on surface fishing in the afternoon and evening. Meanwhile, anglers looking for cooler waters should target deeper waters and upwind areas of the river.

Potomac River Fishing Report

Baiting with grass shrimp

Baiting with grass shrimp can be a simple way to catch fish. The shrimp are opportunistic omnivores, meaning they will feed on a variety of foods based on availability.

They have pincers on their legs that allow them to suck on algae that has formed on dock pilings, decaying grass with bacteria, and dead shrimp. While this method may not catch as many fish as baitfish, it will still yield good catch rates.

This baitfishing method is particularly effective for largemouth bass, who are feeding more aggressively during cooler water temperatures. Because they are more comfortable in cooler water, these fish are feeding longer into the day.

Using large minnows under a bobber can work well in open water near shoreline brush and sunken wood. This bait is also effective for channel catfish.

Baiting with grass shrimp is also an effective method for catching white perch. These fish are active in tidal rivers and creeks and are best caught on bottom rigs baited with bait. When fishing from shore, small jigs tipped with bait will also work well.

Smallmouth bass are active in the upper Potomac River this week. Light lines are necessary to fish for these fish. Casting poppers near the edges of the river and using small crankbaits will produce good results.

If you prefer fishing from deeper water, a small spinnerbait and small crankbait will be effective.

Northern snakeheads are part of the shallow grass mix. Baits that mimic these species include crankbaits, tubes, and grubs.


Potomac River Fishing Report

Trout fishing in the upper Potomac river

The Upper Potomac river is an excellent place to go trout fishing. This river extends from West Virginia to the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay and is home to a variety of fish. The river’s water levels vary from season to season, but most species are found here. These waters are ideal for wading or fishing from a boat. They are dotted with large boulders, pools, and sunken trees.

Depending on the species you’re targeting, you can choose from a variety of fly patterns. For trout, try Kraft’s Kreelex, a bright streamer that imitates baitfish.

Shad, on the other hand, are more responsive to smaller flies, so try to stick to colorful patterns. Another good fly to use for shad is Tommy’s Torpedo, which is chartreuse and pink with a copper tail. This fly is named for its tyer Tommy Mattioli, who is a legendary fly tyer.

The waters in the Potomac river are generally clear and warm, making them a great place for anglers to target a variety of species. You can even find some good bottom fish, such as Blue Catfish.

These fish usually weigh 20 to 40 pounds, although some can reach fifty pounds. The area is also home to other species, including Longnose Gar, Snakehead, Shad, and Walleye.

This river has a healthy insect life. During the late season, there are good hatches. Trout can grow to impressive sizes, and the river is still well-stocked by both the state and the federal government.

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