WNY Fishing Report

WNY Fishing Report

WNY Fishing Report Fishtankfacts.com Fishing reports for New York can provide helpful information about the seasonal patterns of specific lakes and rivers. You can use these reports to find out when fish spawn in a specific body of water, as well as the best times to fish in the winter and summer months. This way, you’ll be able to maximize your time on the water and maximize your chances of catching the big one.

Smallmouth bass

If you are looking for a WNY fishing report for smallmouth bass, you have a few options. First of all, you can check out the Fish and Wildlife Report. It’s designed to give you a general idea of what’s happening around the state. It contains updates from conservation officers and Fisheries staff. Keep in mind, though, that this report can’t contain information on every location. If you’re catching a particular species in one section of the state, chances are you’ll catch it in another section as well.

Fishing in the Allegheny River is still productive for smallmouth bass and walleye. Anglers are also catching Muskellunge. Regardless of where you decide to fish, be sure to be in areas with moderate current to catch the largest fish.

WNY Fishing Report


A walleye fishing report is a source of information that can be very helpful for anglers. They cover a variety of topics related to fishing, and each report may have a different focus. Typically, fishing reports will include information on current weather conditions, water temperatures, and seasonal trends. These reports can also give you details about specific lakes or rivers where you can find a good catch.

Most of the action in the Bowstring Lake area occurs on the east and west shorelines. The eastern shoreline is the most consistent and predictable, with good walleye bites. Anglers can use a jig and a spinner combo to target these fish, or use a trolling motor to move slowly through flat water while casting a jig. In addition, the west shoreline is productive when the wind blows.

The best time to fish for walleye is in the spring, when the lake is in the shallow water. Anglers can fish near the mouth of the lake or near the Friends Boat Launch. They can also use jigs tipped with nightcrawlers.

WNY Fishing Report

Brown trout

The Brown Trout is a popular game fish around the world. They can be found in many regions including North America, Australia and New Zealand. In fact, they are found in every continent but Antarctica. They are native to the Atlas Mountains in Africa and were introduced to North America in 1883. They have since become a naturalized species in the United States, enjoying a good niche in the food chain.

The Big Laramie River is a popular place for brown trout fishing in Wyoming. This river is a tributary to the North Platte River and a renowned wild brown trout fishery. While most of the fish in this river are small and average from 10 to 16 inches, there are some monsters that weigh more than 10 pounds. The best times to fish the Big Laramie River are in late spring and fall. The best fly fishing for this trout river is with Stimulators, Grey Drakes, and BWOs. Also, if you are fishing for browns in the spring, be sure to bring along some nasty articulated streamers, too.

WNY Fishing Report

Yellow perch – WNY Fishing Report

Fishing for yellow perch is in full swing in the upper reaches of the Bay and Middle Bay. Average water temperatures in these areas hover between forty and fifty degrees. The spawning runs will occur at these temperatures. Afterwards, the yellow perch will sit in deep pools waiting for the flood tide. The spawning run is expected to peak around March 10.

Anglers are targeting these fish upriver from the Soo Locks and into Whitefish Bay. There were some moderately good days for yellow perch fishing in the area this week. There were several boaters reporting catches. Some anglers were able to catch them on nightcrawlers and live minnows.

Other areas with good yellow perch fishing are the Marshyhope branch of Nanticoke creek, the Pocomoke River headwaters, and the Wicomico River. Some of the best fishing will be done from shore or with a small boat.


Casters are doing extremely well on Lake Erie this week. Casters have been catching fish like walleye, lake trout, and salmon. There are also some silver fish making their way through the system. Casters are using mixed color combinations like chartreuse and silver with reds to catch these fish. Casters are using 12-pound test line and No. 4 or 5 spinners to catch these fish.

Lake Ontario is fishing well, too. Walleye and bass are still in the water, and the lake trout population is on the rise. Lake trout fishing on the Niagara River is good too. But, pier casters are still catching trout. Yellow perch are also available in Lake Ontario, especially in the upper Niagara River. Casters are fishing under floats and tossing eggs, but spoons are also effective. The Devil’s Hole is still producing a few trout and salmon. Fresh steelhead can be caught occasionally, too.

Lake Erie – WNY Fishing Report

Walleye fishing is in full swing in Lake Erie this month with great catches around the outer reefs and near shore reefs. The spawning run has moved the fish out to the deep reef tops and shallow water near shore. Jigs tipped with minnows and a trailer hook are working well. While it is illegal to use trailer hooks in Ohio rivers, they are legal for use in Lake Erie.

If you are a non-resident of Ohio, you’ll need a Lake Erie fishing license between January 1 and April 30, 2020. Visit the Ohio Fishing Regulations for more information. The most popular launching points are at Lucas County Ramp, Catawba Creek Ramp, Huron Creek Ramp, and Lorain Creek Ramp. The depths at which you can fish are 18 to 30 feet in the western basin, and 40 to 60 feet closer to Cleveland. The temperatures in this water are often cold and anglers are strongly encouraged to wear life jackets.

Despite the cool weather, the Sandusky River enjoyed a good run of early season walleye fishing last week. Anglers Supply and Bernie Whitt in Fremont reported great fishing between the bridges. Down town, the fishing was also productive. Despite the chilly weather, anglers should still be cautious when fishing small boats. Angling experts are looking for big schools of walleye feeding in the Western Basin of Lake Erie.

Upper Niagara River

The Upper Niagara River fishing report for the week of August 14th, 2017 was dominated by brown trout and steelhead with walleye trailing closely behind. One angler named Buffy Frank landed a monster brown trout on a black marabou jig tipped with wax worms. She wanted to release it as quickly as possible and so didn’t weigh it. The water level on the river seemed to be medium to high, but tributaries seemed to be at a moderate flow.

The fishing pressure was light this week and temperatures may reach the 40s on the weekend. A good tip for this weekend is to fish in the deeper water.

Wilson pier – WNY Fishing Report

The action at the Wilson pier has been slow, but there are still a few fish being caught. The most impressive catch was a fourteen-pound channel catfish that was caught on a drop shot. The flats have also produced a few bass, and slow rolling a single swimbait or tossing an A-rig worked best. The best bait for the flats has been emerald shiners, which are back and heavy.

The regulations at the Wilson pier vary depending on the season. Currently, catch and release is allowed from June 16 to Sept. 30. Oct. 1 to March 1 is catch and release only. During those two months, the regulations for fishing are stricter, and the chance of hooking a trophy fish is slim.

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