Fishing Reports Nor'easter

Fishing Reports Noreaster

Fishing Reports – Noreaster Despite the rainy weather this weekend, fishing conditions were still good in many coastal waters. Most people didn’t bother to head out to the water, but those who did had a good time catching redfish and marsh hens in the flooded grass. Once the water clears up, the fishing should be good as well. This is especially true for finger mullet, which should be the perfect combination with the cooler temperatures.

Anglers report good fishing during a nor’easter

If you live on or near the Northeast Coast, you may be surprised to learn that it is actually possible to find good fishing during a nor’easter. In the past, fishing during a nor’easter has been dangerous and challenging because strong currents can cause riptides. Furthermore, the waves can trap large schools of baitfish like peanut bunker.

As the surf clears from the storm, anglers are reporting good fishing. Striped bass and bluefish are active in the surf’s white wash, and mullet are also in pockets around the shore. These fish are ready to feed after the nor’easter, so look for them at low tide. Green crabs remain the best bait.

Fishing Reports Nor'easter

Fishing Reports Noreaster

Anglers report good fishing after a nor’easter

After a Nor’easter, surf fishing can be productive. Red drum have been taking chucks of mullet and spot on fish finder rigs, and anglers have been reporting some nice bulls. Fish sizes range from slot size to over 50 inches.

Striped bass have been active but aren’t in lockjaw mode for very long. Otherwise, they’d starve. Fluke fishing has been slow, but some anglers have been catching decent numbers of striped bass. The cold water temperatures and lack of sun have made the fluke bite a bit slow.

Fishing Reports Nor'easter

Storms have a huge impact on the fishing in the area. Because of geography and storm patterns, bait can be pushed to the opposite shoreline or hung on ridges. As a result, these areas become prime feeding grounds for a variety of fish, including bass and tautog. Even clams can be good bait in storm areas.

Fishing on the Delaware Bay has been fairly good. While the majority of action has been on clams and flounder, some anglers have also reported a few decent bites on crabs. Clams and striped bass fishing have been very good off the beaches and in the backwaters. Green crabs are still the best bait.

Fishing Reports Noreaster

Anglers report good fishing during a storm

The fishing in the Bay Area is good right now despite a storm. A tropical low-pressure system passed through the region during the reporting period, changing the overall conditions. The inshore waters are improving quickly and fishing offshore should improve as the storm passes. The storm has changed salinity levels and pushed many game fish out of their traditional haunts.

Anglers are reporting good fishing for flounder, sea bass, and small dolphin, also known as mahi. These species have migrated south, but many other fish have not yet made their way south. Some anglers are also catching bigeye tuna, longfin albacore, and white and blue marlin. Drifting baits like Gulp baits and bucktails should be effective. Fresh bait is also effective.

The following storm is typically followed by a cold front, bringing clearer skies and a mass of cold, high-pressure air. As the front passes, the air pressure stabilizes. The atmosphere is typically relatively calm for 72 hours after the storm, although the amount of time will vary, depending on where the storm hit. Anglers should avoid fast-moving water and unpredictable surf.

Red drum fishing has improved as the storm has moved in, with a good bite reported in the surf. Spot and croaker have also been active. These fish are primarily feeding on bloodworms. Hopefully, this trend will continue into the upcoming weeks.

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