matagorda fishing report

Matagorda Fishing Report: The Latest Catches and Conditions on the Texas Coast


Matagorda Fishing Report

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the latest Matagorda fishing report! Located along the Gulf Coast of Texas, Matagorda is a popular destination for anglers looking for a great fishing experience. The Matagorda Bay Complex is the second largest estuary system in Texas and is known for its diverse fish population that includes the likes of speckled trout, redfish, flounder, and black drum.

Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a beginner, Matagorda offers plenty of opportunities to fish in both freshwater and saltwater. With miles of pristine coastline and a thriving ecosystem, Matagorda is undoubtedly a fisherman’s paradise.

In this article, we will provide a detailed report on the current fishing conditions in Matagorda. From the best spots to fish to the different species that can be caught, we will cover everything you need to know to plan your next fishing trip to this magnificent location.

Fishing Conditions

Matagorda Bay, Texas

Matagorda is a top destination for fishing enthusiasts in Texas. Every angler dreams of catching big fish, and this small coastal town is known for its abundance of game fish such as redfish, trout, flounder, and black drum. But before you pack your bags for a fishing trip to Matagorda, it’s important to know the current fishing conditions to ensure a successful and enjoyable fishing experience.

Water Temperature

The water temperature in Matagorda Bay is currently around 75-80°F, which is perfect for fishing. Warmer water temperatures mean that fish are more active and feeding more often, so anglers have a higher chance of hooking a catch. However, if the temperatures start to rise excessively, this could lead to a decrease in dissolved oxygen in the water, which can cause fish to become lethargic and move to deeper, cooler waters. So, keep an eye on the water temperature during your fishing trip.

Weather Patterns

The weather in Matagorda can be unpredictable, but it’s essential to keep an eye on local weather forecasts. It’s currently mostly sunny and partly cloudy, with occasional rain showers. This kind of weather shouldn’t affect fishing conditions much, but remember that the fish can become more active during overcast or rainy days because they feel more protected from predators.


Tides play a critical role in fishing, especially in coastal areas. The best time to fish is usually during the incoming or outgoing tide because it brings in more baitfish and attracts more predators. The tide movement in Matagorda is currently ranging between 1.5-2 feet, with the highest tides occurring in the early morning and late afternoon. Check local tide charts to stay updated on the tide schedule during your trip, and plan accordingly.

Wave Conditions

The wave conditions should always be kept in mind, as they can significantly impact the fishing experience. In Matagorda, the waves are currently small, ranging between 1-2 feet, which makes for a calm and peaceful fishing trip. However, if the waves start to rise, fishing can become more difficult, especially if you’re fishing from a boat. It’s essential to take safety precautions and be aware of the weather conditions when fishing in rough waters.

In conclusion, Matagorda offers a great fishing experience, but it’s important to keep these fishing conditions in mind. Checking the weather forecast, monitoring the tide, water temperature and wave conditions can all help to ensure a successful and enjoyable fishing trip. With that in mind, pack your fishing gear and get ready to catch some game fish in Matagorda!

Fishing Species and Techniques

Matagorda Fishing

Matagorda is a fantastic location for any angler looking for an exciting fishing experience. With its great variety of fish species, you’re sure to find your favorite type of fish lurking in Matagorda’s waters. In this article, we’ll discuss the different species of fish available in Matagorda, and we’ll recommend the best techniques and lures to catch them. So, grab your fishing gear, and let’s get started!



Redfish is a popular fish species among Matagorda anglers. These fish usually weigh between 6 to 8 pounds and can be caught all year round. To catch the redfish, use a 1/4 oz jig head with a 3-inch plastic tail. Cast your bait around grass flats, oyster reefs, or drop-offs. You can also use live bait to catch these fish. The redfish is a big and strong fish, so be ready for a good fight once you hook one!



Trout is another popular fish species that can be caught in Matagorda’s waters. The best time to catch trout is during the winter months, as they are more active in cooler water. To catch trout, use a 1/8 oz jig head with a 3-inch plastic tail. Cast your bait along the shorelines, drop-offs, or anywhere you see baitfish. Live shrimp or fake shrimp under a popping cork also works well for catching trout.



Flounder is a fish species that buries itself in the sand, waiting for its prey to swim by. These fish can be caught using a jig tipped with a soft plastic bait. Cast your bait near sandy bottoms or oyster reefs. Flounders can also be found near channels or drop-offs. Flounders often bite softly so make sure to keep an eye out for bites.

Black Drum

Black Drum

If you’re looking for a fish species that’s more challenging to catch, the black drum is a perfect target. They are active all year round and can grow up to 50 pounds! To catch black drum, use a 3/8 oz jig head with a soft plastic tail. Cast your bait near the drop-offs, channels, or around structures. Black drum often take a bit of time to bite the bait, so be patient. Once you hook a black drum, get ready for a good fight and enjoy the experience!


If you’re planning a fishing trip to Matagorda, be sure to bring the right fishing gear and baits based on the types of fish you want to catch. With the above-described fish species and the recommended techniques and lures, you’re bound to have an unforgettable fishing experience in Matagorda’s beautiful waters. Remember always to follow local fishing regulations, respect the environment, and stay safe while fishing. Happy fishing!

Catching Reports

Matagorda Fishing

Matagorda Bay is one of the best fishing grounds in Texas. It is a serene estuary that attracts anglers from all over the US throughout the year. Here are some catching reports from Matagorda Bay.



Redfish are abundant in Matagorda Bay, and in December, they are biting well on live shrimp. Anglers are catching a mixed bag of slot-sized and oversized redfish using popping corks and soft plastics. Soft plastics that imitate crabs and shrimps seem to be more effective. Some reports indicate that redfish are holding in shallow waters—less than 2 feet deep, while others are finding them in deeper waters. The trick is to use the right bait and technique to catch them.

Speckled Trout

Speckled Trout

Speckled trout are also biting well this season. They are hitting soft plastics, live shrimp, and topwater baits. Anglers are catching them on grass flats and around shell pads. The best time to catch speckled trout is during the early morning and late evening when the water is cooler. Speckled trout have been biting well on topwater plugs early in the morning before the sun heats up the water.



Flounder are also biting well in Matagorda Bay. They are holding in deeper waters along the bottom. Anglers are catching them on soft plastics, live shrimp, and finger mullet. Flounder are known for their delicious taste, making them a highly sought after fish. Anglers usually target them during the fall and winter months.

Black Drum

Black Drum

Black drum are a common sight in Matagorda Bay. Anglers are catching them using live shrimp, dead shrimp, and soft plastics. Black drum are bottom feeders and can be found in shallow and deep waters. They are not known for their meat quality but are fun to catch.

Matagorda Bay is the perfect destination for anglers looking for a new fishing experience. With its diverse fishery and abundant wildlife, you will never be disappointed. The best time to fish in Matagorda Bay is from September to May when fish are more active. However, fishing is still good in the summer months, with many species biting throughout the day. Don’t forget to carry your sunscreen, hat, and plenty of water when fishing in Matagorda Bay.

Bait Selection

Matagorda Fishing Bait

Choosing the right bait can be the difference between a successful fishing trip and a frustrating one. In Matagorda, the most popular live bait options include shrimp, croaker, and mullet. These baits should be selected based on the species you are targeting and the time of year. For example, during the summer months, speckled trout tend to prefer live shrimp while redfish prefer live croaker. Doing some research on the species you plan to catch and their preferred bait can go a long way in boosting your chances of success.


Matagorda Fishing Rigging

Proper rigging is crucial in making sure your bait is presented in the most natural and enticing way possible. A popular rig for Matagorda fishing is the Carolina rig, which consists of a sliding egg sinker, swivel, leader line, and hook. This rig allows the bait to sit naturally on the bottom while giving it enough slack to move around and attract fish. Another great rig for inshore fishing is the popping cork rig, which uses a cork to make noise and movement to draw in fish. As with bait selection, doing research on different rig setups and choosing the right one for your situation can greatly increase your chances of success.

Location Scouting

Matagorda Fishing Locations

Knowing where to fish is just as important as knowing how to fish. Matagorda offers a variety of fishing locations, including jetties, flats, and channels. If you’re targeting larger fish like redfish or tarpon, fishing near the jetties is a great option. For catching trout and flounder, fishing in the channels or near grass beds can be more productive as they tend to live in shallower waters. Spending some time researching the various fishing locations in Matagorda and understanding the species that inhabit them can lead to a successful outing.

Weather and Tides

Matagorda Fishing Weather

The weather and tides can have a huge impact on your fishing trip. Understanding how these factors affect fish behavior and adjusting your strategy accordingly can lead to better catches. For example, fish tend to be more active during low light conditions and on cloudy days. Tides also play a role in determining where fish will be located. During high tide, fish can be found closer to the shoreline while during low tide they may move to deeper waters. Paying attention to the weather forecast and tide charts can help you plan your trip and increase your chances of success.

Patience and Persistence

Matagorda Fishing Action

While having the right gear and knowledge is important, sometimes it simply comes down to patience and persistence. Fishing can be a challenging and unpredictable sport, and success is never guaranteed. It’s important to maintain a positive attitude and keep trying even if you don’t catch anything right away. Sometimes a change in location, bait, or strategy is all it takes to turn a slow day into a successful one. Don’t give up and keep learning from each trip, and eventually, success will come.


Matagorda Fishing Report

In conclusion, the Matagorda fishing report has been an exciting one this week. With a diverse range of species being caught, there has been something for every angler to enjoy. The weather conditions were mainly favorable, with a few rainy days providing a break from the intense sun. In this article, we’ve highlighted some of the best catches from the week and provided recommendations for the upcoming week based on the fishing forecast.

The standout catches this week have been the large Redfish that have been pulled in. Several boats reported catching multiple Redfish within their legal limit. These fish have been found along the flats in water ranging from 2-4 feet deep. They have been biting on live shrimp and cut bait. Anglers looking to target Redfish should focus their efforts on the flats and inshore structures like jetties.

Another popular catch this week has been Trout. These fish have been biting best during the early morning and late evening hours. They have been found in deeper water, up to 8 feet deep. Live shrimp have been the go-to bait. Anglers should target Trout around structures like oyster reefs and drop-offs.

For those looking to hook some flounder, the bite has been slower but still productive. Flounder have been found in deeper water, around 9-12 feet deep. Live mullet or shrimp worked slowly along the bottom have been effective. Structures like channels and cuts have been good areas to target Flounder.

Looking ahead, the weather forecast for next week looks pleasant with mild temperatures and moderate winds. The water temperature should remain in the mid-70s, which is ideal for targeting a wide range of species. Anglers should continue to target Redfish, Trout, and Flounder inshore, while also keeping an eye out for schools of Spanish Mackerel and Bluefish that may make an appearance.

Overall, the Matagorda fishing report has been a success this week, with plenty of fish being pulled in by anglers. With favorable weather conditions forecasted and plenty of species still in season, next week should be just as exciting. Get out there and enjoy the beautiful Texas coast and the amazing fishing opportunities it offers!

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