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Fresh seafood at Walt's Fish Market

Walts Fish Market is a well-known seafood market in Sarasota, Florida that has been serving high-quality fresh seafood since 1916. Located in the historic fishing village at the end of City Island, Walt’s Fish Market is a must-visit place for seafood lovers. The market is popular not just for their fresh seafood, but also for their excellent customer service. They are dedicated to making every customer feel comfortable and satisfied with their purchase.

Walt’s Fish Market has a wide range of seafood options that are available on a daily basis. Their seafood selection includes fresh fish, shrimp, oysters, clams, scallops, crabs, lobster, and more. All of their seafood is locally sourced, which guarantees its freshness.

The market is run by the same family since its inception, and they have maintained their commitment to providing their customers with the highest quality seafood. They are known to be very selective when it comes to choosing the seafood that they offer in their market. They ensure that their seafood is not only fresh, but also sustainable and ethically sourced. This is why many customers trust Walt’s Fish Market to deliver the best seafood in Sarasota.

In addition to their fresh seafood, Walt’s Fish Market also offers various prepared meals that are perfect for those who don’t like to cook at home. Their menu includes steamed shrimp, lobster bisque, clam chowder, fish sandwiches, and more. All of their prepared meals are made with the same fresh seafood that they offer in their market, so you can be sure that they are just as delicious.

Overall, Walt’s Fish Market is a great destination for seafood lovers who value quality and freshness. Whether you’re looking for fresh seafood to cook at home, or you’re in the mood for a quick and tasty meal, Walt’s Fish Market has got you covered. Make sure to stop by and try some of their seafood; you won’t be disappointed!

The Humble Beginnings of Walts Fish Market

Historic Picture of Fish Market

Walts Fish Market, which has now been in operation for more than a century, started as a small enterprise set up by a couple, Walter and Margaret Ray, in 1913. They began selling fresh seafood such as salmon, tuna, crab and shrimp from the back of their truck and created a name for themselves in the food industry.

Walters and Margaret’s initial business model was simple – to provide locals with freshly-caught seafood that was sourced directly from the sea. This idea resonated with a rapidly-growing community, and their business started expanding. They gradually started selling different seafood species and became a staple shop in the area.

While they initially started with just a small truck to transport their catch, the Rays eventually took over an entire block, expanding their business to include a fish market and a fish processing facility. They also started supplying local restaurants and hotels, further expanding their customer base and reach.

The market’s early days were challenging, and the Rays had to put in a lot of effort and long hours to make their dream a reality. They faced competition from other seafood vendors and were met with unfavorable weather conditions that made it challenging to find as much seafood as they needed. However, their commitment to providing locals with the freshest seafood prevailed, and Walter and Margaret’s hard work paid off.

The Rays’ vision of providing fresh, carefully sourced seafood became increasingly popular over time. Their business continued to grow, and their reliability and quality offerings became more widely recognized. A century later, Walts Fish Market still follows the same principles of providing fresh, high-quality seafood to the community it serves.

Today, Walts Fish Market has become a respected business and one of the largest suppliers of seafood in the region. The store has remained in the family and is now run by Walter’s grandson, who continues to uphold the legacy of the early days.

The importance of providing freshly caught, high-quality seafood that began in 1913 resonates to this day, and Walts Fish Market remains the go-to stop for seafood lovers in the area.

Fresh Fish

Fresh Fish

Walts Fish Market prides itself on offering only the freshest fish available. From salmon and tuna to snapper and tilapia, customers can select from a wide variety of high-quality fish species. Walts Fish Market sources its fish from trusted suppliers, all of whom are committed to sustainable fishing practices. As such, customers can rest assured that the fish they purchase from Walts Fish Market is not only delicious but also responsibly sourced.

Shellfish Galore


Seafood lovers will be delighted to know that Walts Fish Market also offers an impressive selection of shellfish. From clams and oysters to scallops and mussels, Walts Fish Market ensures that its shellfish are of the highest quality. All of Walts Fish Market’s shellfish is locally sourced, ensuring maximum freshness. Customers can prepare their shellfish any way they desire, making for a truly customized seafood experience.

Delicious Crab


For those who love crab, Walts Fish Market does not disappoint. In fact, its selection of crab is one of its most popular offerings. Whether customers prefer king crab, snow crab, or Dungeness crab, Walts Fish Market has it all. All of the crab sold at Walts Fish Market is sourced from reputable, sustainable fisheries, ensuring customers can feel good about their purchase. Customers can either purchase live crab or select pre-cooked crab meat, making it easy to prepare and enjoy at home.

Selection Process

Selection Process

At Walts Fish Market, the selection process of seafood is crucial to the quality control measures implemented. Our team of expert buyers carefully source the best seafood from the most reputable suppliers in the region. By building strong relationships with suppliers, we can guarantee a consistent supply of high-quality seafood year-round.

Upon arrival at our market, the seafood is inspected by our skilled quality control team who examine every aspect of the seafood, including its appearance, texture, and freshness. Any seafood that doesn’t meet our strict standards is immediately rejected and returned to the supplier.

We also meticulously record each batch of seafood’s tracking number and evaluate it for quality purposes, particularly with regard to its shelf life, ensuring that all the seafood on display is fresh and safe to consume. We understand the crucial role that quality control measures play in our seafood delivery process and take every possible step to ensure that our customers receive only the freshest, highest-quality seafood.

Our selection process is a crucial aspect of our quality control measures as it assures our customers that they are getting only the best. We understand the importance of fresh seafood in delivering an exceptional dining experience, and we are committed to providing exactly that.

Storage and Handling

Storage and Handling

At Walts Fish Market, we understand that the storage and handling of seafood play an essential role in preserving its quality and freshness. Therefore, all seafood is stored in an environment that is temperature-controlled, with high standards of hygiene, and that is regularly cleaned. This ensures that seafood is kept at the right temperature, avoiding spoilage and bacterial growth.

We frequently monitor our cold rooms, displays, and storage areas to ensure that the temperature is consistent. We rotate our stock regularly, avoiding the use of stale seafood, and take steps to prevent contamination, such as using sealed containers and sanitizing surfaces frequently.

We also ensure that our team is trained in safe seafood handling techniques, such as washing their hands regularly, wearing gloves, using clean equipment, and ensuring that seafood remains at a safe temperature at all times. This ensures that our seafood is handled with the utmost care and reduces the risk of contamination.

Our commitment to proper storage and handling practices enables us to provide customers with guaranteed freshness, taste and quality, making us a cut above the rest.



Walts Fish Market places significant importance on traceability, allowing our customers to know where their seafood comes from, and ensuring the safety of the product. All seafood supplied to us is accompanied by a tracking number, which contains all relevant information about the product, such as the fishing method, boat name, and the region it was caught.

Our traceability system allows us to keep an eye on the quality of the seafood throughout its journey, from the ocean to our shelves, by tracking its handling and temperature practices. If any issues arise, we can identify the source quickly, allowing us to take swift action to resolve it.

Our traceability measures go beyond mere record-keeping and ensure that our seafood is ethically sourced and that our customers have peace of mind knowing precisely what is on their plate.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction

Walts Fish Market knows that customer satisfaction is the key to success, and this is why our quality control measures are so critical. We continually strive to improve our operations and ensure that every aspect of the customer experience meets the highest standards.

We have implemented a formal feedback system through which customers can provide feedback on their experience while always being available to answer any queries or concerns they may have.

The quality of the seafood we sell is of critical importance to us. Our quality control measures are our assurance that our customers receive only the freshest and highest-quality seafood available. We are committed to delivering an exceptional dining experience, and our quality control measures enable us to achieve precisely that.

Online Ordering and Delivery

Online Ordering and Delivery

If you’re in the mood for fresh seafood but don’t feel like leaving the house, Walts Fish Market has got you covered. The convenience of online ordering and delivery means you can enjoy the market’s wide selection of seafood from the comfort of your own home without ever having to leave.

With a few clicks, you can choose from a variety of options including Alaskan salmon, swordfish, and jumbo shrimp – all delivered to your doorstep. This is especially great for those busy work weeks where planning meals and grocery shopping is not on the agenda.

In addition, online ordering allows you to plan your meal ahead of time. Whether you’re looking for a simple dinner for two or a feast for a large gathering, you can customize your order to fit your specific needs with just a few minutes of browsing on the website.

The website is user-friendly and easy to navigate, allowing customers to select the items they want with just a few clicks. Once the order is placed, it can be tracked in real-time using a tracking number, ensuring you know exactly when to expect your delicious fresh seafood right at your doorstep.

With the convenience of online ordering and delivery, there’s no need to worry about making space in your schedule for a trip to the market. Instead, you can enjoy fresh seafood in the comfort of your own home with ease.

Walts Fish Market’s online ordering option and delivery service have proven to be a lifesaver for those who want to save time and effort by avoiding the long lines and crowded storefronts. In addition, the market offers seasonal deals and discounts for those who frequently use the service, making it a great way to stock up on fresh seafood while also saving money in the process.

In conclusion, Walts Fish Market’s online ordering and delivery service offers customers convenience, quality, and a stress-free shopping experience. It’s perfect for those who want to enjoy delicious fresh seafood from the comfort of their own homes.

Community Involvement

Walts Fish Market

As a family-owned business, Walts Fish Market believes in giving back to the community that has supported them throughout the years. That’s why they are dedicated to actively participating in various charity events and supporting local organizations that make a difference in Sarasota. Their commitment to community involvement has earned them a reputation as a socially responsible company.

Sarasota community

Walts Fish Market is a regular participant in events that aim to make Sarasota a better place for everyone. One such event that they have been involved in for many years is the Sarasota Seafood & Music Festival. This event features live music, local seafood vendors, and various kinds of entertainment to enjoy with family and friends. Walts Fish Market provides fresh seafood for the event and volunteers their time to support the festival, making it a huge success year after year.


Walts Fish Market has also extended its kindness to local organizations, such as the Sarasota Boys & Girls club and the All Faiths Food Bank. They have regularly hosted fundraising events for these organizations, where they donate a portion of the proceeds from their sales to help these organizations make a bigger impact on the community. Additionally, Walts Fish Market is always willing to lend a helping hand when it comes to organizing and managing charity events as they have a deep passion for helping others.

As a company, Walts Fish Market believes in giving back to the community through actions, not just words. They recognize the importance of supporting and uplifting the Sarasota community and they continue to make a positive impact through their tireless community involvement efforts.

The History of Walts Fish Market

Walts Fish Market History

Founded in 1918 by Walter Higel and located in the heart of Sarasota, Walts Fish Market has been a staple of the community for over a century. Originally a small fish house on the edge of Sarasota Bay, Walts has grown over the years into a full-service seafood restaurant and market, offering customers the freshest seafood and a unique dining experience.

Throughout its history, Walts has remained committed to providing high-quality seafood to its customers. The fish are caught daily by local fishermen and prepared with care by the talented chefs in the kitchen, ensuring that every dish is as fresh as can be. In addition to its commitment to quality, Walts has also been dedicated to supporting the local community, sponsoring events and participating in local charity initiatives.

The Menu at Walts Fish Market

Walts Fish Market Menu

The menu at Walts Fish Market features a variety of fresh seafood dishes, including grouper, snapper, shrimp, and other local catches. Customers can enjoy their meals inside in the restaurant or outside on the deck overlooking the bay. In addition to its seafood offerings, Walts also offers a selection of salads, sandwiches, and other entrees, as well as a selection of craft beers and wines.

One of the most popular dishes at Walts is the grouper sandwich, which is served on a fresh bun with lettuce, tomato, and tartar sauce. Customers also rave about the shrimp and grits, which features succulent sautéed shrimp atop a bed of cheesy grits. For those seeking a lighter option, the seafood salad is a delicious mix of fresh greens, cucumber, tomato, and a variety of seafood.

The Atmosphere at Walts Fish Market

Walts Fish Market Atmosphere

From its location on the edge of Sarasota Bay to its bright blue exterior, Walts Fish Market exudes a laid-back, beachy vibe. Inside, the restaurant is cozy and welcoming, with plenty of nautical-themed décor. Customers can choose to dine in the bustling indoor dining room or outside on the deck, where they can take in the beautiful views of the bay while enjoying their meals.

Whether customers are looking for a quick lunch or a leisurely dinner with friends, Walts provides a relaxed atmosphere that is perfect for any occasion. The friendly staff is always happy to make suggestions and help customers choose the perfect dish to suit their tastes.

Catering at Walts Fish Market

Walts Fish Market Catering

In addition to its dine-in and take-out options, Walts Fish Market also offers catering services for special events, parties, and corporate functions. The catering menu features a wide range of seafood dishes, as well as non-seafood items like chicken, beef, and pasta. Customers can customize their catering order to suit their preferences, and the staff at Walts can provide setup and service for the event.

Whether customers are planning a backyard barbecue or a formal wedding reception, Walts can help make their event a success with delicious food and excellent service.

Reviews of Walts Fish Market

Walts Fish Market Reviews

Customers rave about their experiences at Walts Fish Market, praising the fresh seafood, friendly staff, and relaxed atmosphere. One reviewer on Yelp described it as “a hidden gem in Sarasota” and remarked that “the food is always fresh and delicious.” Another reviewer praised the “great service and amazing views” and said they would “definitely recommend Walts to anyone looking for great seafood in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.”

Overall, customers seem to agree that Walts Fish Market is a must-visit destination for anyone looking for delicious seafood and a laid-back dining experience in Sarasota.


Walts Fish Market

Walts Fish Market is a beloved local institution in Sarasota, known for its commitment to quality seafood, dedication to the community, and relaxed atmosphere. From its humble beginnings as a small fish house on the edge of the bay, Walts has grown over the years into a full-service seafood restaurant and market, serving customers some of the freshest seafood in the area.

Whether customers are looking for a quick lunch, a leisurely dinner, or catering for a special event, Walts can provide a delicious dining experience that is sure to satisfy. With its friendly staff, beautiful views, and top-notch seafood, it’s no wonder that Walts Fish Market is one of the most popular seafood destinations in Sarasota.

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