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“Exploring the Delicious Seafood and Drinks at Six Feet Under Pub & Fish House in Atlanta, GA”

History of Six Feet Under Pub & Fish House Atlanta GA

Six Feet Under Pub & Fish House

Six Feet Under Pub & Fish House is a popular seafood destination situated in Atlanta, Georgia. The restaurant boasts two locations in the city, one in Grant Park and the other in West Midtown, both offering an exceptional dining experience to its customers.

The history of Six Feet Under pub & fish house started in 2002 when the founders of the restaurant, Tad Mitchell and Nancy Palmer, were searching for a unique name for their seafood eatery. They aimed to provide a memorable dining experience to their customers that would stick with them long after they leave the restaurant. After several attempts, they landed on the name “Six Feet Under” to pay homage to their location in Oakland Cemetery where famous persons such as author Margaret Mitchell, golfer Robert Tyre “Bobby” Jones Jr., and Atlanta’s first African American mayor, Maynard H. Jackson, are buried.

Since opening their doors in 2002, Six Feet Under has become one of the most sought-after seafood destinations in the city, offering a wide variety of fish, oysters, and shellfish offerings. They serve beer, wine, and cocktails, and the ambiance of the restaurants is relaxing and inviting. The extensive outside seating area of the locations allows for an excellent view of the city skyline to accompany a meal or drink.

Their commitment to quality and innovation has earned them a spot on several top restaurant lists, such as the “Best Seafood Restaurant in Atlanta” and “Best Oyster Bar in Atlanta.” Guests of Six Feet Under come for the seafood and stay for the atmosphere, and it comes as no surprise that the establishment has developed a loyal customer base in both locations.

They have a well-trained and dedicated staff who provide warm hospitality and exceptional customer service which ensures that customers are always satisfied when they leave. The restaurant also has a strong commitment to sustainability and partners with companies that promote this cause, such as the Atlanta Community Food Bank, to reduce waste and make a greater impact in their community.

Overall, Six Feet Under Pub & Fish House has made its mark in the Atlanta seafood landscape with its unique name, exceptional food offerings, inviting ambiance, and friendly customer service. It is not just a restaurant but also a destination for locals and visitors to Atlanta.

Menu and Drink Selections


If you’re a seafood lover, then the menu at Six Feet Under Pub & Fish House is the perfect place for you to be. They offer a wide selection of aquatic cuisine, where you can get everything starting from the fresh catches of the day to the classic seafood preparation.

Fish and chips are one of their must-try dishes where you can enjoy the fresh cod which is fried to golden perfection with a side of homemade coleslaw, tartar sauce, and fries. Another dish on their menu that you can not miss is the Seafood Platters, which is a mix of Fried Shrimp, Clam Strips, Scallops, and Flounder. It is served with homemade coleslaw, fries, and tartar sauce.

If you are a fan of sandwiches, you can try their Po’ Boys. You can have them with either Fried Shrimp, Fried Oysters, or Cajun Fried Crawfish. The dish is served with lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise in a crusty baguette.

Apart from the food, you can pick drinks that complement your meal. The drink menu of Six Feet Under offers you over a dozen beer options with a mix of locally brewed and originals. You can find a glass of beer according to your taste, whether it’s lager, ale, porter, or stout. They also have wines, both by glass or bottle, which you can have with your seafood platter.

For those who prefer cocktails, Six Feet Under got you covered. You can try their signature cocktails like Mandarin Margarita, Pimm’s Cup, Grapefruit Mojito, or Bloody Mary. You can also ask their bartenders to make a custom cocktail for you where they mix drinks according to your taste preference.

In conclusion, Six Feet Under Pub & Fish House has a wide selection of seafood dishes, beers, wines, and cocktails that are perfect to enjoy with family and friends. They also have a seasonal menu where you can try the dishes according to the time of the year. So, don’t forget to check their website or call to ask about it before visiting.

Marine-Inspired Decor

Marine-Inspired Decor

The marine-inspired decor at Six Feet Under Pub & Fish House adds to the overall theme of the restaurant. Upon entering, the eye is immediately drawn to the large fish tank situated near the entrance. The ceiling features wooden beams that give a nod to rustic nautical design, while the wooden floors and furniture add warmth to the space.

The bar area is adorned with vintage maritime paraphernalia such as ship’s wheels, porthole mirrors, and fishing nets, giving the space a seaside feel. The walls are decorated with artwork featuring sea creatures such as octopus and jellyfish, adding a touch of whimsy to the ambiance.

One interesting feature of the restaurant’s decor is the giant anchor that hangs over the bar area. This adds a unique focal point to the space, and ties in with the nautical theme perfectly. The attention to detail in the decor of Six Feet Under Pub & Fish House is impressive, and creates a space that is both welcoming and visually appealing.

Overall, the marine-inspired decor at Six Feet Under Pub & Fish House creates a relaxing and inviting atmosphere that encourages patrons to sit back, relax, and enjoy some delicious seafood in a unique and charming environment.

Customer Service and Staff

Customer service foundation

One of the biggest factors in a good dining experience is great customer service. At Six Feet Under Pub & Fish House, visitors consistently rave about the welcoming and attentive staff. The waitstaff is knowledgeable about the menu offerings and drinks available at the bar, making recommendations and answering any questions diners may have.

In addition to their knowledge, visitors appreciate the friendly and personable nature of the staff. They make an effort to get to know diners on a personal level, striking up conversations and creating a fun atmosphere. The staff is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure every diner’s needs are met, making sure they leave happy and satisfied with their dining experience.

From the moment you walk in, the front of house staff greets you warmly, setting the tone for the rest of the night. They are attentive without being overbearing, ensuring glasses stay full and empty plates are cleared promptly. If something isn’t up to par, the staff are more than willing to make corrections and do what it takes to ensure you are happy with your meal.

While the waitstaff is certainly a highlight, it’s not just them who make the experience at Six Feet Under Pub & Fish House an exemplary one. From the kitchen staff to the management team, everyone at the restaurant is dedicated to creating a positive dining experience for guests. For instance, the restaurant’s owner often stops by tables to chat with customers and ensure everything is up to their expectations.

All of these factors come together to create a welcoming atmosphere at Six Feet Under Pub & Fish House. It’s clear that the staff takes pride in making every visit special, and visitors leave feeling satisfied not only with their delicious meals, but with the incredible treatment they received from the staff.

Happy Hour Deals

Happy Hour Deals

Six Feet Under Pub & Fish House offers an amazing happy hour menu from Monday to Friday from 4 pm to 7 pm. Customers can enjoy discounted prices on drinks and appetizers during happy hour. There is also a late-night happy hour menu from 10 pm until closing time, which includes tasty food options at unbeatable prices. The bar offers draft beers, cocktails, and wines by the glass.

The pub is a great place to unwind with friends and colleagues after work, while enjoying good food and drinks at reasonable prices. Customers can relax on the outdoor patio, which offers a beautiful view of Atlanta’s skyline, while sipping on their favorite drink during happy hour.

Live Music Performances

Live Music Performances

Six Feet Under Pub & Fish House provides live music performances on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Customers can enjoy the sounds of local musicians while savoring their favorite seafood dishes and drinks. There is plenty of space for customers to dance and have a good time while listening to the music.

Customers can check the restaurant’s calendar on their website to find out the upcoming live music performances. The pub offers a relaxed atmosphere and great music, making it an excellent spot for a night out with friends or a date night.

Fish Fry Fridays

Fish Fry Fridays

Every Friday, Six Feet Under Pub & Fish House celebrates Fish Fry Fridays. Customers can enjoy their choice of fish and chips, shrimp and chips, or clam strips and chips. The dish is served with coleslaw and tartar sauce, with an option of adding a cup of chowder.

The restaurant uses the freshest fish to make their fish and chips, and the batter is perfectly crispy and delicious. Customers can enjoy this traditional English dish while relaxing and taking in the beautiful scenery from the outdoor patio.

Trivia Night

Trivia Night

Six Feet Under Pub & Fish House hosts a trivia night on Wednesdays from 8 pm until 10 pm. Customers can form a team of up to six people and put their knowledge to the test while enjoying food and drinks. The trivia night covers various topics, including sports, history, music, and pop culture.

Customers can win fantastic prizes, such as gift cards, free meals, and drinks. The pub offers a fantastic atmosphere for trivia night, with plenty of laughter and fun among friends. It is recommended to arrive early to secure a table and grab a bite to eat before the game starts.

Private Events and Parties

Private Events and Parties

Six Feet Under Pub & Fish House offers a unique and breathtaking location for private events and parties. With a capacity of up to 400 guests, the restaurant can accommodate any kind of event, including corporate events, birthdays, weddings, and more.

The restaurant offers a variety of menus, including seafood platters, appetizers, and full-service catering. The outdoor patio offers a stunning view of the city, making it an ideal spot for a romantic wedding reception or a corporate event. The events team is professional and experienced, ensuring that every detail is taken care of and that the event runs smoothly.

In conclusion, Six Feet Under Pub & Fish House is a great place to enjoy happy hour deals, live music performances, traditional English fish and chips, trivia nights, and private events. The restaurant offers a unique and relaxed atmosphere with excellent seafood dishes and drinks, making it a popular spot for locals and visitors alike.

Why Seafood Lovers Should Visit Six Feet Under Pub & Fish House

Six Feet Under Pub & Fish House Atlanta GA

If you are a seafood lover in Atlanta, Six Feet Under Pub & Fish House is a must-visit destination. Here are six reasons why:

1. Fresh Seafood

At Six Feet Under Pub & Fish House, you can expect to be served with the freshest seafood. From oysters to shrimp, fish and chips to crab cakes, this restaurant sources fresh seafood every day to provide its customers with the best quality meals.

2. Great Location

Six Feet Under Pub & Fish House is strategically located in Grant Park, Atlanta. The area is easily accessible and within walking distance of Ponce City Market and The Beltline. You can grab a bite after a long walk or enjoy a drink with friends or colleagues in this historic neighborhood.

3. Friendly Staff

The staff at Six Feet Under Pub & Fish House is friendly, welcoming, and attentive. They make sure that every customer feels at home, and their well-trained chefs ensure that every dish is cooked to perfection. You can expect quick service, various menu options, and excellent recommendations from the staff.

4. Creative Drinks

The drinks at Six Feet Under Pub & Fish House are creatively crafted and match perfectly with the seafood menu. From local craft beers to classic cocktails, you’ll find the perfect thirst-quencher for any occasion. The restaurant also offers a daily happy hour from 4-7 PM with discounted drinks.

5. Relaxed Atmosphere

If you are looking for a casual and comfortable environment to enjoy seafood, Six Feet Under Pub & Fish House is the perfect choice. The restaurant has a laid-back vibe that makes you feel like you’re dining by the sea. The outdoor patio seating and open layout add to the relaxed feel, creating a refreshing atmosphere for a casual meal or night out with friends.

6. Affordable Prices

Despite the excellent quality of food and drinks, Six Feet Under Pub & Fish House manages to offer reasonable prices for its menu items. You can enjoy a hearty meal without breaking the bank. The restaurant also has daily lunch specials from 11 AM-4 PM, which offer great value for money.

Final Thoughts

Six Feet Under Pub & Fish House Atlanta GA

Overall, Six Feet Under Pub & Fish House is an excellent destination for seafood lovers in Atlanta. Whether you are looking for a quick lunch, happy hour with coworkers, or evening dinner, this restaurant has it all. The menu options, drinks, and friendly staff have made this restaurant a go-to located in the heart of Atlanta’s Grant Park.

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