Red Drum Tackle Fishing Report

Red Drum Tackle Fishing Report

Red Drum Tackle Fishing Report For This Week This week’s Red Drum fishing report covers both inshore and offshore fishing for the species. Inshore, you may find Puppy Drums and Black Drums. Offshore, you can find a variety of species. To catch all of them, you need to use the best red drum tackle available.


Inshore red drum tackle fishing is good in Florida waters. This week there are a number of fish that have come into the area. Sea Mullet, Blow Toads, and Bluefish are all in the water. When choosing a bait for these fish, look for Mullet or Shrimp. Most of the fish have been caught in the oceanside area.

There is a wide variety of baits for the drum. These baits are very effective, including shrimp, worms, and other invertebrates. They also work well on artificial lures.

Red Drum Tackle Fishing Report


If you are looking for an up-to-date Offshore Red Drum Tackle fishing report, you’ve come to the right place. The weather has been a bit sluggish for this week, and most anglers have stayed indoors. However, if you’re willing to put in the time, you can find some great Red Drum this week.

Inshore fishing continues to produce some decent catches of Reds this week. These fish aren’t picky and will often strike Shrimp, Squid, and Mullet on bottom rigs. Fishing the surf has produced good results as well. Specks (Seatrout, Spotted), Spotted Drum, and Bluefish are all turning up in moderate sizes.

While Redfish are the main target, there are other species that are still being targeted. Blowfish are plentiful in the surf, and Bluefish are swimming in the same area. The best action for these species will occur in 70-90 feet of water. This week, the best bait for fishing the surf is shrimp.

Red Drum Tackle Fishing Report

Puppy Drum – Red Drum Tackle Fishing Report

Depending on where you live and the type of water, fishing for the Puppy Drum can be very rewarding. The most productive time for catching them is from the beginning of spring through the fall. While a finesse approach is more effective in surf, shallow flats, and estuaries, it’s still possible to catch these fish using the same techniques as for larger fish. For example, you can try locating depressions on the beach where the water rises after a breaking wave. These depressions can contain a number of puppy drum. In addition, the choppy water inside breakers is ideal for feeding drum of any size. Aside from finesse baits, you can also try topwater plugs or diving stick baits.

The Puppy Drum bite has been slow as of late, but you can still find some nice fish on your line. The current weather conditions in the area are mostly cloudy and windy with temperatures around 68°F. Flounder, Bluefish, and Seatrout have also been present. The most productive lure for these fish is the leadhead curly tail jig. Depending on the conditions, you may also be able to land a small number of Red Drum on your line.

Red Drum Tackle Fishing Report

Black Drum

Black Drum are typically found in deeper waters near inlets, but they will make occasional appearances in shallow grass areas in the fall and spring. During the summer, they are a bit harder to catch, but they do make appearances. Bottom rigs are a good choice when targeting these fish. Fishing reports will help you find hot spots where these fish are most likely to be found.

Black drum tend to congregate near structures, so you will have to be patient when fishing for them. It is important not to set the hook too early, as the fish will feel tension in its mouth and spit it out. You can also use worms as bait.


Cobia is a unique fish with no known relatives. It has a voracious appetite and is found in the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico. The best time to target this species is during the spring months when the baitfish are most active. Cobia can be found in shallow water and offshore, and are often caught by sight-casting.

The Spanish mackerel bite remains good along the Piankatank River and Buoy 41A. Cobia are also biting on Clark Spoons and Drone Spoons. Some charter boats are reporting good luck with Cobia. The cell is another good spot to catch Cobia. Clam chumming and live eels are also productive for these fish.


The fall months are the most productive for red drum fishing. Flounder are starting to move into the inlets and are being caught on jigs tipped with Gulp baits. Spanish and king mackerel are also biting on live baits fished on the nearshore ledges and bottom.

The red drum are still the target for many anglers, but there are plenty of other species to target. Spotted drum, flounder, and sea mullet are all good choices. The oceanside area is the most active this week, but the offshore areas are also productive. Flounder can be found weighing between six to thirteen pounds.

While most anglers have been staying indoors this week, a few of them have ventured out to the ocean. These fish are not shy about chasing lures, and Red Drum Tackle Shop, Inc. is a great place to get an up-to-date report.

Gray Trout – Red Drum Tackle Fishing Report

While red drum continue to bite well in many areas, trout have been a big factor recently. The Neuse River Bait & Tackle has reported big numbers of gray trout on nearshore wrecks off Atlantic Beach. One angler caught one of the largest gray trout he’s ever seen.

The weather this week has been perfect for fishing, with water temperatures between 68 and 72 degrees. Friday, Oct. 14, is expected to bring a nice run of red drum and a building NE windswell. This weekend will be a great day to head to the Gulf and enjoy the red drum bite.

Red Drum fishing reports have indicated that big red drum are moving south and are prowling the Stingray Point area. One angler reported success with bulls over 47 inches. Another reader reported success with bulls up to 48 inches.


If you’re looking to catch Red drums offshore, the best baits are Mackerel and Spanish Mackerel. Mackerel are abundant in the area, and the nearshore has been good for Spanish this week. However, the offshore bite has been slow. Mackerel and Spanish are spread out across the ocean, so cover the water well to ensure maximum success. You should also monitor the graph to find any debris or birds in the water.

While Red drum fishing in the area is booming, you’ll also find other species. Spanish and king mackerel are still present in the waters near the beach. You can also target these species using the same baits as for Red drum.


Menhaden are a favorite bait for red drum, which are feeding in the ocean this week. The water temperatures have been very warm, but that doesn’t mean you have to fish in salt water. You can fish in the shallows using a live bait, a cut bait, or a jerk bait. For the best results, use bait that’s easily digestible. Cut baits and mullet are excellent options.

This week, you can expect a few fish to eat Menhaden, including some King Mackerel. However, there are other species of fish that can also be found in the same water. If you’re fishing for Red Drum in the inshore waters, you might want to try a floating jig with live Menhaden. Inshore, the fish are still scattered. To find them, make sure to cover the area, watch your graphs, and look for debris and birds.

Stripped Bunker -Red Drum Tackle Fishing Report

Stripped Bunker red drum tackle has proven to be effective for catching Red and Black Drum. This week, Stripped Bunker has produced the best results. These baits are working in strips and offshore for both Striped and King Mackerel. The Stripped Bunker is available at most tackle shops and can be easily purchased.

If you’re looking for a new lure to catch red drum, there are a few colors to consider. The top color for the moment is green. This color pattern is very popular right now, as BD is being driven by mackerel. Ghost mackerel plugs are a popular choice as well.

Other species of bait fish include Sea Mullet, Black Drum, Puppy Drum, and Flounder. The surf has been warm and the wind has been south-west. These species are eating shrimp and other bait baits. Gulps with paddle tails have also been productive for Drum.

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