what she order fish fillet

“The Mystery of ‘What She Order Fish Fillet’: An Investigation and Analysis”

The Birth of “What She Order Fish Fillet”

What She Order Fish Fillet meme

Internet memes are a reflection of the culture and times we live in. They’re often based on social and cultural references that people can relate to, making them highly shareable and entertaining. One of the most viral memes in the past few years is “What She Order Fish Fillet?” which features a video clip of a man asking this question repeatedly.

The “What She Order Fish Fillet?” meme has its origins in a video posted by Vine user, Nicholas Fraser in 2015. Fraser, who goes by the name “saucegodfraser” on social media, released a video of himself singing a short tune while walking through a parking lot. The lyrics to the song were, “Why you always lying?/Why you always lying?/Mmmmmmmm Oh my God/Stop fucking lying.”

Fraser’s video went viral and became a sensation almost overnight. However, it was another Vine video that he posted in the same year that cemented his place in internet history. Fraser posted a video of himself asking repeatedly, “What She Order Fish Fillet?” against the backdrop of a McDonald’s drive-thru. This video clip was picked up by other users, and soon it became a full-fledged meme with people using the tagline in all sorts of creative ways.

The meme was so popular that it spawned merchandise and even collaborations with fast food chains. Brands such as McDonald’s and Popeyes have used the tagline in their marketing campaigns, thus fueling the meme’s continued relevance.

So, why did “What She Order Fish Fillet?” become such a virulent meme in the first place? Experts believe that it’s because of its simplicity. The tagline is catchy and easy to repeat, and it has a fun, sing-song quality to it. Additionally, the question itself is odd and nonsensical, which only adds to its appeal. Lastly, the meme is relatable. Everyone has been in a fast-food drive-thru at some point in their lives and has ordered a fish fillet or some other item on the menu.

In conclusion, “What She Order Fish Fillet?” may seem like a frivolous internet meme, but it’s also a reflection of our culture’s sense of humor and the way we consume and share content online. It’s a reminder that in a world that can sometimes feel divided and cynical, there’s still room for humor and levity.

The Origins of “What she order fish fillet”

What she order fish fillet

“What she order fish fillet” is a line from the song “Gangsta Cry” by rapper G Herbo. The song was released in 2017 and quickly gained popularity. The line itself is a simple description of a woman’s order at a restaurant. It’s unclear whether G Herbo had a specific woman in mind when he wrote the line or if it was just a random order he came up with to fill the rhyme.

Regardless of its origins, the line quickly became a viral meme on the internet. People began using the phrase to describe all sorts of things, from their own food orders to their preferences in romantic partners. The line has become so popular that it’s now a sort of internet shorthand for describing someone’s taste or preferences.

In addition to the meme, “what she order fish fillet” also became a popular hashtag on social media. People would use the tag to show off their own food orders or to make jokes about the line. The popularity of the tag helped to spread the meme even further, to the point where it’s now a recognizable phrase for many people.

The Impact of “What she order fish fillet” on Pop Culture

What she order fish fillet

Although “what she order fish fillet” started out as just a simple lyric in a rap song, it’s had a surprising impact on pop culture. The meme has become a way for people to connect with each other and share their own preferences. It’s also become a shorthand that people use to describe a certain type of person or lifestyle.

In addition to its use on social media, “what she order fish fillet” has also been referenced in other forms of media. It’s been used in TV shows, movies, and even in other songs. The phrase has become so widespread that it’s now a part of the cultural lexicon, much like other popular memes and catchphrases.

Overall, “what she order fish fillet” is a perfect example of how a simple phrase can take on a life of its own on the internet. What started out as just a few words in a rap song has become a viral sensation that continues to be used and referenced in pop culture today.

What is the “She Order Fish Fillet” Meme?

She Order Fish Fillet Meme

The “She Order Fish Fillet” meme has been making rounds on social media since 2018, but it gained more popularity over time. The meme features a popular internet catchphrase that refers to the act of ordering a small or insignificant meal or item at a fast-food chain, specifically McDonald’s.

The meme originated from a viral video that showed a man making fun of a woman’s order at a McDonald’s drive-thru. In the video, the woman, who apparently had a thick southern accent, says, “Can I get a number three? A fish fillet sandwich.” The man in the car filming then proceeds to make fun of her order and her accent.

The meme has since been used to shame people for ordering something they enjoy, no matter how small the meal or item may be. The phrase “She Order Fish Fillet” is often used in a derogatory way, implying that someone’s order is not worthy of praise or recognition.

Why is “She Order Fish Fillet” Offensive?

Offensive Fish Fillet Meme

The “She Order Fish Fillet” meme can be both humorous and offensive. At its core, the meme is intended to be a joke about ordering a small meal at a fast-food restaurant. However, the phrase has been used to shame people for their food choices, which is not only unfair but also potentially harmful.

Food and beverage choices are deeply personal, and everyone has their own preferences and reasons for ordering certain items. Shaming someone for their food choices can lead to feelings of anxiety and shame, which is especially concerning for those with eating disorders or other mental health concerns.

Additionally, the meme perpetuates negative stereotypes about fast food and the people who consume it. Fast food is often associated with low-income individuals, and the meme implies that the act of ordering a fish fillet sandwich is somehow a reflection of one’s socio-economic status.

How Should We Respond to this Meme?

Positive Fish Fillet Meme

As with most memes, “She Order Fish Fillet” can be both harmless and problematic depending on how it’s used. While it’s okay to enjoy a meme and find it funny, it’s important to recognize when it crosses a line and becomes harmful or offensive.

To combat the negativity associated with the “She Order Fish Fillet” meme, we should celebrate and embrace the idea that there’s no shame in indulging in your favorite foods, no matter how big or small. People should feel free to order what they want without fear of judgment or ridicule from others.

Instead of perpetuating negative stereotypes about fast food and the people who eat it, we should recognize that food choices are highly personal and should be respected. Celebrating diversity in food choices and recognizing that everyone has different tastes and preferences can lead to a healthier and more supportive food culture.

In conclusion, while the “She Order Fish Fillet” meme may seem harmless, it has the potential to be harmful and perpetuate negative stereotypes. By celebrating food diversity and acknowledging the uniqueness of individuals, we can create a more accepting and supportive community that’s free of food shaming and negativity.

Popularity of the Meme

She Order Fish Fillet meme

Have you ever come across the words “she order fish fillet” online and wondered why it’s making waves on social media? Well, the phrase has become a viral meme that gained widespread popularity on Twitter and TikTok in 2020 and has been shared thousands of times by users across various social media platforms.

The meme features a picture of a fast-food menu board with the words “she order fish fillet” written on it, seemingly as part of an incomplete order. The phrase alone doesn’t seem hilarious at first glance, but it’s accompanied by a video or picture of someone looking or acting shocked, surprised or stunned.

The meme’s popularity hinges on the comic contrast between the mundane “she order fish fillet” statement and the exaggerated reaction of the person in the accompanying video or photo. The meme has taken on a life of its own, with users sharing their unique versions of the meme along with clever captions that add a hilarious twist to the phrase.

The “she order fish fillet” meme has become so popular that it has spawned various spin-off memes. The catchphrase has been used in various contexts, including politics, sports, entertainment, and everyday life scenarios.

The meme’s rise to fame can be attributed to several factors, including its simplicity, relatable context, and the fact that it resonates with a wide range of people. It’s also worth noting that social media plays a crucial role in the meme’s popularity as it allows users worldwide to create, share, and engage with it.

Overall, the “she order fish fillet” meme is an excellent example of how a simple phrase can become an internet sensation when it strikes a chord with the online community. The meme’s popularity shows no signs of slowing down, and it’s likely that we’ll see more iterations of it in the future.

Criticism of the Meme

Criticism of the Meme

The “she order fish fillet” meme has gained incredible popularity online, with thousands of people using it to poke fun at the food preferences of different groups of people. While it may seem like harmless fun, there are some valid criticisms of the meme that cannot be ignored.

1. Perpetuating harmful stereotypes

One of the primary criticisms of the meme is that it perpetuates harmful stereotypes about the food choices of different groups of people. For example, many people have pointed out that the meme reinforces the idea that women only eat salads or fish, while men are meat eaters. Additionally, the meme has been criticized for perpetuating stereotypes about low-income individuals being unable to afford anything other than cheap fast food.

2. Encouraging food shaming

The “she order fish fillet” meme can also be seen as encouraging food shaming. By poking fun at someone for their food choices, the meme reinforces the idea that there are “good” and “bad” foods, and that people who eat certain foods are somehow superior to those who don’t. This can be damaging for individuals who struggle with disordered eating or body image issues.

3. Ignoring cultural preferences

The meme also ignores the fact that different cultures have different food preferences. For example, fish may be a common meal in some cultures, while others may prefer vegetarian or meat-based dishes. By reducing these preferences to simplistic stereotypes, the meme erases the rich diversity of different cultures and cuisines.

4. Overgeneralizing about individuals

Another criticism of the “she order fish fillet” meme is that it overgeneralizes about individuals. Not everyone in a particular group will have the same food preferences or eating habits. Therefore, the meme unfairly paints individuals with a broad brush and fails to recognize the complexity of human preferences and behaviors.

5. Reinforcing gender norms

Finally, the meme has been criticized for reinforcing harmful gender norms. By suggesting that women only eat “light” foods like fish or salad, while men eat meat, the meme reinforces the idea that there are certain foods that are appropriate for men and others that are appropriate for women. This can be particularly damaging for individuals who may not identify with traditional gender roles or expectations.

In conclusion, while the “she order fish fillet” meme may seem like harmless fun, it is important to recognize the ways in which it can perpetuate harmful stereotypes and encourage food shaming. Instead of using the meme to poke fun at others, let’s focus on celebrating the rich diversity of different food preferences and cultures, and promoting body positivity and acceptance for all.


The internet is a vast platform that encourages the spread of information all over the world. Be it a joke or a meme, it can become viral within seconds. Some trends gain immense traction, and people participate in them without realizing the underlying insensitivity, and that is what happened with the meme “what she order fish fillet.”

what she order fish fillet meme

The origin of this meme is unclear, but it became prominent on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. The meme features a photo of a man with a cash register, and a phrase “What she order?” is written on top. In response, people would use the photo in their tweets or Instagram posts and add descriptions such as “she,” a derogatory term for women, ordering something that is perceived as cheap or low-class, like a fish fillet.

The Harmful Stereotypes It Perpetuates

what she order fish fillet meaning

The meme may seem harmless, but it perpetuates harmful stereotypes. It primarily targets women and suggests that they are indecisive or that their choices are insignificant. It propagates the idea that women are gold diggers who should be ridiculed and belittled for their choices. Furthermore, the meme frames women’s choices as something to be mocked, setting a dangerous precedent and making women feel ashamed of their preferences.

The meme also promotes classism and racism, as it is used to belittle people who order food that is perceived as low in class or taste. This suggests that people who belong to lower socio-economic classes or cultural backgrounds are inferior and that their choices are laughable. This is a dangerous mindset to promote as it causes division and encourages prejudice.

The Impact on Society

impact of what she order fish fillet meme

The impact of this meme on society is far-reaching and unquantifiable. It perpetuates harmful stereotypes that can lead to bias and prejudice in society. It encourages belittling and mocking people based on their choices, which can lead to feelings of shame and inadequacy. This can affect people’s self-esteem and mental well-being. Furthermore, it promotes division rather than unity, which is harmful to a community’s cohesion and growth.

Additionally, this meme can contribute to a culture of toxicity and cyberbullying. People who participate in this trend often do not realize that their language and actions have real-world consequences. They use it as entertainment without realizing the harm they are causing to others. As such, it is essential to recognize the impact of such memes on society and to discourage the spread of harmful stereotypes.


what she order fish fillet

In summary, the “what she order fish fillet” meme perpetuates harmful stereotypes that have real-world consequences. It promotes division and prejudice and belittles people based on their choices. That said, one must recognize the impact of such memes and make an effort to discourage the spread of harmful stereotypes. It is essential to promote inclusive and respectful behavior both online and offline, which can contribute to healthy and safe communities.

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