Upper Red Lake Fishing Report

Upper Red Lake Fishing Report Fishtankfacts.com When you’re looking for an Upper Red Lake fishing report, you need to know a few things. These include the Northern pike and Walleye bites, regulations, and resorts. You may even find a few fish recipes. Hopefully, this article will provide you with all the details you need to plan your next trip.

Walleye bite

The Walleye bite is still good at Upper Red Lake, a beautiful, 12,000-acre lake on the south shore of Lake Michigan. Anglers can access the lake from several public boat ramps, including county ramps in County B and CC.

There are also numerous resorts and restaurants located at or near the lake’s shores. The regulations for walleye fishing at the lake are a 15-inch minimum length, one over 24 inches, and a three-day bag limit.

In April and May, walleye numbers on the lake were reportedly above the statewide average. Despite their tight-lipped nature, walleye are plentiful on the lake and will give anglers plenty to work with.

Upper Red Lake Fishing Report

The daily bag limit is three walleye, which must be at least fifteen inches in length. Of course, one of the larger specimens may even exceed twenty-four inches.

This lake is home to a self-sustaining walleye population that has provided many Midwest anglers with fantastic fishing opportunities. In addition to the abundance of mature walleye, a recent survey revealed that the YOY catch rate was higher than the long-term average. This significant increase should help the lake’s adult population grow in the future.

The DNR staff tagged 74 fish with internal sonic tags during a fall survey on the lake. Anglers should note the tag number when they catch a tagged fish and keep the tag. This will help DNR staff estimate the population size. The fish tag can help anglers learn more about the walleye population in the region.

Upper Red Lake Fishing Report

Regulations – Upper Red Lake Fishing Report

The Red Lake Fisheries Association has recently implemented Regulations for Upper Red Lake fishing. The regulations are in place to protect this important fishery. The fishery has suffered for decades, but there are signs that it is on the road to recovery.

In 2006, a walleye stocking project involving 90 million fry was completed, which helped to bring the population back to life. In addition, a seven-year walleye fishing moratorium was implemented. The regulations on Upper Red Lake are in effect now, and there are slot limits in place to protect the fishery.

In addition, anglers are required to drain all water from their boats and other equipment. This includes any livewells containing fish or legal live baitfish. The only exceptions are boat sewage and potable water. Drain plugs must be removed from all draining devices. If the water is still in the buckets, the angler must discard it properly.

Upper Red Lake Fishing Report

The bag limit on walleye is now four fish per day, but this limit is only allowed for those who are at least 17 inches long. Previously, the bag limit was set at three fish for the winter season.

This regulation will remain in place for the open water season in 2021. The decision was made after a population assessment showed that mature walleye were plentiful and varied in size. This allowed for a more generous bag limit and improved conditions for upcoming walleye year classes.

There are new regulations for northern pike in Minnesota. The minimum length limit on Turtle Lake has been lowered to 14 inches, and a two-week possession limit is in place for the larger species.

In addition, the size limits on upper Red Lake have changed. The minimum size limit on walleye has increased from 15 inches to twenty-four inches, but a four-day limit on walleye is still in effect on the northern side of the lake.

Resorts – Upper Red Lake Fishing Report

If you are looking for a great Upper Red Lake fishing report resorts, look no further. This lake has recently been ice-free, and fishing has been good there. Many anglers have reported catching their limit in the last week. Windy conditions have aided their efforts as well.

Upper Red Lake is a wonderful destination for all types of anglers. It features a tremendous walleye population, as well as bonus pike and crappie. It is also relatively shallow, making it a great destination for those looking for an introduction to fishing. Beginners will love the shallow depth and the abundance of walleye. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can even fry some of the walleye on the ice!

While you’re in Upper Red Lake, it’s important to know about the fishing regulations. There are strict rules regarding size and the type of fish you can catch. The size limits are generally thirty to forty inches and the bag limit is three. In addition, all pike 30 inches and under must be released. However, pike forty inches and over can be kept and counted toward the daily limit.

Water temperatures – Upper Red Lake Fishing Report

The water temperatures in the Upper Red Lake are perfect for fishing, allowing anglers to target both bluegill and bass. The lake is clear and warm, with a temperature of about 82 degrees Fahrenheit.

The lake is stratified and oxygen is not readily available below eight feet. Anglers have reported catching black crappie from shoreline jigs tipped with a minnow, as well as catching channel catfish in deeper sloughs fished on worm rigs.

The lake is about nine inches below its crest. The surface temperature is in the low eighties, and fish are found in the deeper part of the lake. The best spots are rocky points and areas with new vegetation. Walleye fishing has been good, particularly in the hour before sunset. Jigs tipped with crawlers and minnows are excellent baits for catching walleye.

As water temperatures drop, clarity will improve. Fish will be sluggish during the day, but bites will be better in the evenings when water temperatures near shore warm up. Fishing for black crappie and bluegill with small jigs tipped with worms is productive, as is fishing for largemouth bass with a jig tipped with nightcrawlers.

Crankbaits, spinnerbaits, and worms are effective for catching smallmouth bass. Crankbaits also work well for catching walleye. Smallmouth bass are becoming active along rock structures in the main channel and sloughs. Yellow perch fishing looks promising in Pool 14.

Water temperatures in the Upper Red Lake remain near the minimum temperature for daytime fishing. They are approximately 55 degrees on Saturday.

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