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The Best “Fish & Chips Near Me” Report: Exploring the Top Spots for the Iconic British Dish


Fish and chips

Fish and chips is a popular British dish that has become a worldwide favorite. It is a simple yet delicious meal consisting of deep-fried fish and thick cut chips, served with a side of tartar sauce or vinegar. The origins of fish and chips can be traced back to the 19th century, when street vendors would sell the dish as a fast and cheap food option for the working class.

Today, fish and chips is enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds, and is often considered a staple dish in many countries around the world. There are even annual festivals and competitions dedicated to celebrating this iconic dish!

One of the reasons fish and chips has become so popular is its versatility. The dish can be customized to suit different tastes and preferences, with different types of fish and a variety of seasoning options available. Additionally, fish and chips is a quick and easy meal that can be enjoyed on-the-go or at a sit-down restaurant.

Whether you’re looking for a tasty snack, a hearty meal, or just a classic British experience, fish and chips is a dish that you won’t want to miss. So why not explore your local area for some top-notch fish and chips restaurants and enjoy this quintessential British dish!

History of Fish & Chips

Fish & Chips in the UK

When it comes to national dishes, fish and chips is one of the most iconic meals in the UK. The origins of this beloved meal can be traced back to the 19th century, at a time when chips, or French fries as they are known in some countries, were first being sold in London. At the time, street vendors would sell fish and chips separately, but it wasn’t long before the two were combined to create the perfect dish.

The birthplace of fish and chips is somewhat of a disputed matter, but several regions of the UK claim to have invented the popular meal. It is believed that the first fish and chip shop was opened in Lancashire, in the North of England, by a Jewish immigrant named Joseph Malin. However, others credit the invention of the dish to London-based entrepreneur, John Lees, who opened his first shop in 1865.

Regardless of where it was first created, fish and chips quickly gained popularity across the UK and was soon considered a staple meal. During this period, new frying technologies allowed fish and chip shops to pop up across the country, making it increasingly accessible to people of all classes.

The Second World War saw the dish’s popularity soar even higher, as it was one of the few foods that were not rationed. Fish and chips were declared by Winston Churchill to be “the good companions” during this difficult time, bolstering its place in the hearts and minds of the nation.

Today, fish and chips can be found all across the UK, from traditional fish and chip shops to fancy restaurants. While the dish has undergone some changes over the years, such as being cooked in different oils, people continue to enjoy it as a classic comfort food that brings back memories of simpler times.

Fish & Chips Ingredients

Fish & Chips Ingredients

Fish and chips are considered one of the most iconic British dishes. It consists of battered and fried fish, usually cod or haddock, and chips made from potatoes, accompanied by various condiments, including ketchup, vinegar, tartar sauce, and mushy peas.

Types of Fish used in Fish & Chips

The most commonly used fish in fish and chips is cod and haddock, but other types of fish are also used, depending on the region. In Scotland, they use hake, while in Ireland, they use plaice. In Australia, they use barramundi, and in New Zealand, they use snapper. Some restaurants offer salmon, halibut, or even lobster as the fish in their fish and chips dish.

Types of Potatoes used in Fish & Chips

The potatoes used in fish and chips are an essential part of the dish. They should be starchy and not too sweet, which makes them crispy when fried. The most popular potato used for chips in the UK is the Maris Piper. However, Russet potatoes are common in the US and Canada. In New Zealand, they use Agria potatoes, while in Australia; they use Kennebec or Sebago potatoes.

Seasonings and Condiments

To enhance the flavour of the fish and chips, various seasonings and condiments are used. A sprinkle of salt is added to the chips after frying. Malt vinegar is commonly drizzled over the dish, giving it a tangy and distinctive taste. Tartar sauce is also a popular condiment, which can be homemade or bought separately from the store. Some restaurants also serve mushy peas, a side dish made by mashing or pureeing boiled peas and seasoning them with salt, pepper, and mint sauce.

In conclusion, the main ingredients used in making fish and chips are simple yet essential. The type of fish, potatoes, and the condiments used can vary from region to region, but the dish’s fundamental taste remains the same. This dish is a favourite comfort food for many, and whether you enjoy it as a takeaway or dine-in, it’s a treat that is hard to resist.

Best Fish & Chips Near Me

Fish and Chips Restaurant Menu

If you’re on the hunt for the best fish and chips in your local area, there are a few things you can do to find the perfect restaurant. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, there are some tips that can help you locate the best place to enjoy this traditional British dish. Here are some tips on how to find the best fish and chips near you.

Use Online Review Sites

Online Review Sites

One of the best ways to find the top fish and chips restaurants in your local area is by using online review sites, like Yelp and TripAdvisor. These sites offer customer reviews and ratings for restaurants in your area, allowing you to see which places are the most recommended and which have the best ratings. This is a great way to narrow down your search and find the best fish and chips restaurants near you.

Ask Locals

Asking Locals

Another way to find the best fish and chips restaurants near you is by asking locals for recommendations. Whether you’re staying in a hotel or chatting with people at a local pub, there’s no better way to find the top spots than by asking those who know the area best. Locals can give you insider knowledge about the best places to go, as well as any hidden gems that might not be listed on review sites.

Check the Restaurant’s Menu

Restaurant Menu

If you’ve walked past a local restaurant that you’re considering for your fish and chips craving, the menu can give an excellent indication of what to expect. Look for restaurants that use fresh ingredients, have a variety of fish options, and offer the classic sides, including mushy peas and tartar sauce. A strong menu could lead to an excellent meal.

Explore the Atmosphere

Restaurant Atmosphere

If you’re on the hunt for the best fish and chips, it’s essential to go beyond the food and check out the restaurant’s atmosphere. A great restaurant will provide a memorable atmosphere that complements the fantastic dish you’re about to devour. Look for a various setting, attentive staff, and a lively locale where you can enjoy your meal in style.


Finding the best fish and chips near you can be a fun and rewarding experience. Use these tips to narrow down your search, discover new places, and indulge in the most delicious and authentic fish and chips the local area has to offer. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, these tips will help you find the perfect place to satisfy your craving for a traditional British dish.

Types of Fish & Chips

Types of Fish & Chips

Fish and chips is a quintessentially British dish that has been enjoyed for over 150 years. The dish traditionally consists of battered and fried fish, usually cod or haddock, served alongside a generous portion of hot, crispy chips. However, modern variations of the classic dish have seen alternative seafood options like prawns, squid, or crab being paired with chips, while some variations even swap out traditional chips for sweet potato fries or wedges. Here are five different types of fish and chips dishes that you must try:

Classic Fish and Chips

Classic Fish and Chips

The classic fish and chips dish consists of battered and deep-fried cod or haddock, served with freshly made chips. The fish is usually coated in a seasoned flour batter before being fried until it is crispy and golden brown on the outside, while retaining its succulent flakiness on the inside. The chips, which are thickly-cut, are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, making for the perfect accompaniment to the fish.

Prawn and Chips

Prawn and Chips

Prawn and chips, also known as shrimp and chips, is an alternative seafood option to traditional fish and chips. The prawns are usually coated in a batter and deep-fried, resulting in a crunchy texture that perfectly complements the juicy, meaty flesh of the prawns. These tasty prawns are then served alongside the traditional chips for a twist on the classic dish.

Squid and Chips

Squid and Chips

Squid and chips is another alternative seafood option that has gained popularity in recent years. Tender, lightly battered squid rings are a delicious alternative to traditional fish, and are perfect for those looking to switch up their classic fish and chips order. The squid’s mild, sweet flavour and slightly chewy texture is a real treat, and makes for a great pairing with the crispy chips.

Cod Fish and Sweet Potato Fries

Cod Fish and Sweet Potato Fries

A healthier twist on the classic fish and chips dish, cod fish paired with sweet potato fries is the perfect alternative for those who want to cut down on their carb intake but still want to enjoy the dish. The delicate taste of flaky cod fish perfectly complements the sweet and savoury taste of the sweet potato fries, making it a dish that is both healthful and delicious.

Crab Cakes and Chips

Crab Cakes and Chips

If you’re looking to enjoy something different, crab cakes and chips are a great option to go for. A popular dish in the US, crab cakes are made from lump crabmeat, which is mixed with breadcrumbs and flavoured with spices before being shaped into patties and fried. The dish is usually served with a side of fresh, crispy chips to balance out the richness of the crab cakes. The combination of crispy and succulent makes this dish a must-try for seafood lovers.

Although the classic fish and chips dish remains a firm favourite among many, with these alternative seafood options, you can try something truly special and find your favourite dish at your nearest fish and chips takeaway. Each type of fish and chips dish has its unique flavour profile that will tantalise your taste buds and take you on a culinary journey that will leave you wanting more.

Fish & Chips around the World

Fish & Chips around the World

Fish and chips may have originated in the UK, but it’s now a dish enjoyed all over the world. Thanks to globalization and the British Empire, fish and chips can now be found in countries outside of the UK. However, different countries have their own unique way of preparing this famous dish, whether it’s in the United States, Australia, or Canada.

The United States

Fish & Chips in the US

In the United States, fish and chips are often served in pubs or restaurants that specialize in British cuisine. The fish is usually cod, haddock, or halibut, and it’s coated with a batter made from flour, beer, and spices. The chips, or French fries, are typically sprinkled with salt and served hot.
However, some American establishments put a spin on this traditional British dish. For example, some restaurants in the U.S. serve fish and chips tacos, where the fish is wrapped in a tortilla and served with coleslaw or pico de gallo. Others offer fish and chips served on a stick, which is a popular street food in some American cities.


Fish & Chips in Australia

In Australia, fish and chips are often served as a takeaway meal, similar to how it’s served in the UK. However, Australians tend to eat their fish and chips with a lot of condiments, such as tomato sauce, tartare sauce, and vinegar. In fact, many Aussies consider tomato sauce to be an essential part of a fish and chips meal. Additionally, Australians often use different types of fish for their fish and chips, such as flake, barramundi, and snapper.


Fish & Chips in Canada

In Canada, fish and chips are often served with a side of coleslaw, which is not typically served with this dish in the UK. In some parts of Canada, such as the Maritimes, the fish is dipped in a batter made with beer, creating a unique flavor. However, like in Australia, Canadians often use different types of fish for their fish and chips, such as halibut, salmon, and trout.

South Africa

Fish & Chips in South Africa

In South Africa, fish and chips are often served in a traditional newspaper cone, similar to how it’s served in the UK. However, South Africans often put a lot of spice into their batter, creating a unique flavor. Additionally, the chips are often served with peri-peri sauce, a chili sauce that’s popular in South African cuisine.


Fish & Chips in India

In India, fish and chips are often served as an appetizer or a side dish in restaurants that serve European cuisine. However, Indians often put a unique spin on this dish by using Indian spices in the batter. Additionally, the fish is usually served with chutney or mint sauce, which is a nod to the traditional Indian condiments.


Fish & Chips in the World

Fish and chips may have originated in the UK, but it’s now a global dish found in many countries around the world. Each country has its own unique twist on this classic dish, from using different types of fish to adding condiments and spices to the batter. Whether you’re in the United States, Australia, Canada, South Africa or India, you can enjoy a delicious plate of fish and chips with a local twist.


Fish and Chips

After delving into the history and variations of fish and chips, it’s clear that this classic dish has a special place in the hearts and stomachs of people worldwide. From its roots in the working-class neighborhoods of England to its status as a beloved takeaway food in countries like Australia and New Zealand, fish and chips has remained a constant in the culinary world.

Although the traditional recipe calls for cod or haddock, many restaurants and food trucks have added their own twists to the dish. Some use different types of fish, such as halibut or tilapia, while others experiment with batters made from beer or cornmeal. Regardless of the variations, the crispy exterior and soft, fluffy interior of the fish, paired with the saltiness of the chips, create a unique and delicious combination that keeps customers coming back for more.

Even though fish and chips might not be the healthiest option on the menu, it’s still a beloved dish that holds cultural significance and nostalgia for many people. Its simplicity and familiarity make it a comfort food that can be enjoyed at any time. In fact, many people consider it to be a staple food when visiting certain cities or countries.

Overall, fish and chips remains a popular and timeless dish that has stood the test of time. It has a rich history and cultural significance, and its popularity continues to grow. As we delve further into the culinary world, it’s important not to forget the classic dishes that have helped shape our palates and bring people together.

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