used lund fishing boats for sale

“Hunting for Deals: Used Lund Fishing Boats for Sale”


Lund fishing boats

If you are in the market for a reliable and durable fishing boat, look no further than Lund. Lund is a premier brand in the fishing boat industry and has been around for over 75 years. They offer a wide range of fishing boats, from small personalized boats to large professional fishing boats. The Lund boats are available worldwide, and people love them for their exceptional quality, durability, and unmatched performance.

Lund fishing boats are known for their exceptional attention to detail, excellent craftsmanship, and innovative features that make fishing trips more enjoyable. Lund is one of the few boat manufacturing companies that focus exclusively on the fishing market, and this is reflected in the quality of their boats. Due to the popularity of the Lund brand, there is a vast range of Lund fishing boats available on the used market.

In this article, we will discuss various aspects of Lund fishing boats, including their definition and popularity. We will also delve into some buying guides, tips, and tricks to help you make an informed decision when purchasing a used Lund fishing boat.

The Benefits of Buying a Used Lund Fishing Boat

used lund fishing boats for sale

If you’re in the market for a fishing boat, you may want to consider purchasing a used Lund fishing boat. Lund boats have a reputation for being reliable, durable, and suited for serious fishing enthusiasts. However, not everyone can afford to purchase a brand-new Lund boat. Buying a used Lund fishing boat is a cost-effective option that can allow you to enjoy all the benefits of owning a Lund boat without breaking the bank.

Often come equipped with necessary fishing gear

fishing gear

Another advantage of buying a used Lund fishing boat is that they often come equipped with necessary fishing gear. Many sellers will include items such as rods, reels, tackle boxes, and other supplies that are essential for a successful fishing trip. This means you won’t have to spend extra money outfitting your boat with gear, which can be a significant expense in itself. Instead, you can start fishing right away and enjoy the peace and tranquility that comes with spending time on the water.

Moreover, if the boat does not come equipped with all the necessary gear, you may be able to negotiate with the seller to include some items in the purchase. This way, you can get a better deal and save money in the long run.

It is important to ensure that the gear included works in a good condition. If not, the cost of replacing or buying new gear will defeat the purpose of buying used Lund fishing boats.

Potential for customization

boat customization

Customization is a crucial part of boat ownership. With used Lund fishing boats, you have a lot of potential for customization. You can use the savings you make from buying a used Lund boat to personalize it to your liking. You can add new features such as electronic devices, GPS navigation systems, trolling motors, anchors, and much more.

You can also customize the interior of the boat to make it more comfortable and functional. You can add seating, storage compartments, and even sleeping arrangements, depending on the type of fishing you want to do and the number of people that will join the trip.

Remember, the key to successful customization is to create a plan before starting any work. This way you can efficiently allocate the cost of customization and prioritize what needs to be done first.

Availability of older, sturdy models

vintage lund fishing boats

One of the significant benefits of buying a used Lund fishing boat is the availability of older, sturdy models. Lund boats have been in the industry for over 60 years, and some of the vintage models are still known for their toughness and reliability.

If you are interested in boats with a little history, you can find great deals on classic Lund boats that are still in excellent condition. These older models may require more maintenance than newer boats, but they can still provide years of reliable service if taken care of properly.

The trick is to conduct extensive research before you make your purchase. You need to inspect the hull, engine, electrical systems, and other critical components carefully to ensure you are getting a boat that is in good condition.


If you’re looking to purchase a fishing boat, a used Lund fishing boat can be an excellent option. It is a cost-effective alternative that offers several benefits, such as pre-installed fishing gear, the potential for customization, and the availability of vintage models. However, before purchasing a used Lund fishing boat, it is essential to research thoroughly and inspect the boat to ensure it is in good condition.

Determine Your Budget

Determine your budget for a used Lund fishing boat

Before you decide to purchase a used Lund fishing boat, it is essential to understand how much you can afford to spend. Determining your budget ensures that you don’t overspend on a boat and end up feeling financially burdened. To begin, consider the cost range of the specific Lund models you are interested in. Be mindful of the added costs for repairs, maintenance, storage, and insurance. Factor in any potential customization charges you may incur to cater to your fishing needs and preferences.

The budget can determine the used Lund boat’s condition, which you can afford to purchase – either a well-maintained or a boat that may require some restoration. Once you know your budget, it is time to determine the model and features of the boat that you can afford without breaking the bank.

Research Models and Features

Research models and features of a Lund fishing boat

Researching Lund fishing boats is a vital component of purchasing a used one. Understanding the different types of Lund boats available on the market helps in determining the one that fits your dream of fishing. Consider the vessel’s size, weight, shape and how it performs in different water conditions.

Some Lund models come equipped with specific features that make them stand out from others. Identify the essential features that the boat must have to meet your fishing needs. This can include features such as live wells, built-in storage compartments, trolling motors, depth finders, and navigation systems. However, keep in mind that additional features can drive the price up.

Research should involve looking at various advertisements in print and online listings and searching for information on reputable sites. Consider looking for customer reviews to ascertain customer satisfaction, find credible details about the boat’s history, and pinpoint any known problems with the model you are interested in.

Inspect the Boat in Person and Take It for a Test Drive

Lund fishing boats for sale for inspection

If you locate a Lund boat that meets your preferences and budget, make an effort to inspect it physically. Look out for any signs of damage, both in the boat’s interior and exterior, including the motor, hull, flooring, and electronics. Check for cracks, dings, and signs of wear and tear to ensure that the boat’s structure is still intact.

If you are satisfied with the inspection, it is time to take the boat for a test drive. A test drive will help you assess the boat’s condition in the water and give you a feel of its handling and performance. This is an opportune time to check the boat’s equipment and ensure everything is in working order, including the navigation system, depth finder, trolling motor, and live well. Take your time and be thorough in the test drive to avoid investing in a boat that may disappoint during a fishing trip.

Negotiate Price and Finalize the Sale

Negotiate price of a Lund fishing boat for sale

If all goes well and you are satisfied with the boat, it is time to finalize the sale. If you are purchasing the used Lund boat from a private seller, it is crucial to negotiate the price before reaching a final amount. Consider the inspection and the findings, maintenance and repair records, and research information when negotiating a fair price.

If you are purchasing from a dealership, the price negotiation may not be as significant as purchasing from a private seller. Renowned dealerships often require inspection, maintenance records, and provide financing options that may not be as flexible in private sales. Finalize the deal and ensure that all legal and financial documentation are complete and accurate.

Purchasing a used Lund boat can offer an effective way to enjoy your favorite fishing activities without breaking the bank on a new boat. Proper preparation, research, and inspection will provide the confidence to make an informed purchase that fits your budget and delivers your desired fishing experience.

Where to Find Used Lund Fishing Boats for Sale

Used Lund Fishing Boats for Sale

Lund fishing boats have a reputation for being one of the most reliable and versatile boats in the market. Purchasing a brand new Lund boat can prove to be a costly investment. Hence, buying a used Lund fishing boat can be a smarter, more affordable option. Here are some places where you can find used Lund fishing boats for sale:



The first place to check for used Lund fishing boats for sale is at Lund dealerships. Most dealerships take used boats as trade-ins for new ones. They then recondition these used boats and put them up for sale. Because it is a business transaction, they are likely to offer you a good deal and warranty on the boat. Be sure to inspect the boat before making a purchase.

Online Classified Websites

Online Classified Websites

Online classified websites like Craigslist and eBay are also great places to look for used Lund fishing boats for sale. You can easily search for boats within your area or within a specific price range. Make sure to read the seller’s reviews and history to ensure their credibility. Avoid sellers who provide little to no information about the boat or those who refuse to let you inspect the boat before purchase.



Attending boat auctions can also be a good way to find used Lund fishing boats for sale. Most auctions offer boats seized by banks, local or federal government agencies, or boats that have been repossessed. They offer a chance to buy the boat at a lower price than usual. However, be prepared to bid competitively, and win the auction at a fair price. Also, since these boats are sold “as-is”, it’s essential to carefully inspect the boat before placing a bid.

Private Sales

Private Sales

If you know someone who has a used Lund boat for sale, this can be a great opportunity to score a fantastic deal. Additionally, private sales provide room for negotiation and can offer excellent deals. However, when buying from a private seller, be sure to ask questions, thoroughly inspect the boat, and verify the ownership documentation before making your final purchase. Private sellers found in ads or posters on community boards usually offer lower prices than boat dealerships.


Used Lund fishing boats for sale can be found in multiple different places. From Lund dealerships to online classified websites, auctions to private sellers—the options are plenty. Be sure to carefully review each one of these options, and remember to inspect the boat before making a purchase.

Tips for Maintaining Your Used Lund Fishing Boat

Fishing Boat Maintenance

Buying a used Lund fishing boat can save you a lot of money in the long run, but it does require some extra effort to maintain its condition. Proper care will help ensure that your boat lasts for many years to come and stays in good shape for fishing trips.

Here are some tips on how to maintain your used Lund fishing boat so that it is always in top condition:

1. Regular cleaning and maintenance

Boat Cleaning

To keep your boat in good condition, you should regularly clean it. When you take your boat out of the water, rinse it with fresh water to remove any salt or debris that has accumulated. Also, scrub the boat with soap and water to remove any grime or dirt. It is important to regularly wax the boat as well to protect the exterior from the elements.

In addition to cleaning the boat, you should also maintain the engine and other mechanical components. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for maintenance, which may include changing the oil, fuel filters, and other fluids.

2. Proper storage

Boat storage

Proper storage of your boat is crucial to its longevity. When you’re not using your boat, make sure it’s stored in a dry, covered area. Exposure to the elements, such as sunlight and rain, can damage your boat’s exterior.

If you’re storing your boat outside, invest in a high-quality boat cover that fits snugly, as this will protect the boat from the elements. Make sure the boat is well-supported and that it’s not resting directly on the ground or other surfaces.

3. Addressing issues promptly

Boat Maintenance

If you notice any issues with your boat, it’s important to address them promptly. Ignoring problems can cause them to become worse and damage other components of the boat. If you’re not sure what the issue is, take your boat to a professional who can diagnose and repair the problem.

Some common issues that you may need to address include leaks, electrical problems, and engine performance issues. Regular maintenance checks can help you identify potential issues before they become bigger problems.

4. Continuing education on boat care and safety

Boat education

Finally, continuing education about boat care and safety is essential. The more you know about caring for your boat, the better you’ll be able to maintain it. You can access resources online or attend marine courses to learn more about boat maintenance and safety.

It’s also important to keep up with safety regulations and guidelines for operating your boat. Stay up-to-date with local boating laws and make sure that you have all the safety equipment required for your particular vessel, including life jackets, flares, and a fire extinguisher.


Used Lund Fishing Boats for Sale

After going through the benefits and considerations of buying a used Lund fishing boat, it becomes evident that this decision is wise for anyone that wants to engage in fishing activities. Lund boats are well-built and have been known to stand the test of time, hence, even a used one can provide great value for money.

Furthermore, buying a used Lund fishing boat is a cost-effective way to own your boat, which is way better than leasing one or buying a new boat whose prices can be prohibitive. With a used Lund fishing boat, you can start enjoying your fishing expeditions without breaking the bank.

Another essential factor to consider when buying a used Lund boat is that you can always check for possible damages and repairs before making payment. This could save you a lot of money in the long run, and you could own a boat that requires minimal repairs or maintenance throughout its lifetime.

Moreover, buying a used Lund fishing boat provides you with a broad range of options to choose from, depending on your preferences, budget, and fishing needs. With an extensive market of used Lund boats available, you are sure to find the perfect fit that suits your needs.

Therefore, we encourage anyone interested in owning a boat to explore the market of used Lund fishing boats for sale. You could find the perfect boat that meets your required specifications and budget.

In conclusion, buying a used Lund fishing boat is a smart decision for anyone that loves fishing and wants to own a boat without spending too much money. With a used Lund fishing boat, you enjoy the benefits of owning a boat, such as exploring new waters, fishing with family and friends, and making unforgettable memories on the water.

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