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Most cichlids are very hardy fish and will cycle an aquarium with ease but you may have noticed that we left off some very common cichlids that do not make good fish for a new aquarium. The cardinal tetra is another good tropical fish for a freshwater community aquarium because they have vivid coloration and are very active schoolers.

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They are fast swimming minnow like fish which are widely available cheap and can be bought in several forms including the normal striped longfin golden and leopard.

Tropical aquarium hardy fish. In fact cichlids can adapt to the changes in their environment faster and better than any other species of fish. Rainbows come in a variety of colors ranging from red blue yellow silver and black. Cichlids are the absolute hardiest aquarium fish around with the normal cichlid being between 4 to 12 crawls long.

One of the more hardy freshwater aquarium fish available for beginners are danios. They can survive in a variety of different water conditions. They are compatible with most other peaceful fish species and breed very easily.

Platies are one of the most popular fish species and are very easy to keep and considered to be very hardy. And i can t blame them because these species look similar from a casual glance. Danios are generally very active and fun to watch.

Due to their hardiness they are the perfect fish for people who don t have much experience with setting up a tank. Hardy community fish probably the hardiest of all aquarium fish is the zebra danio danio rerio. Are platies hardy fish.

Many beginners mistakenly buy neon tetras believing they re cardinal tetras. Hardy fish are easy to maintain and easily able to adapt to most water parameters such as during the nitrogen cycle. The most notable exceptions the angelfish pterophyllum sp and the discus symphysodon sp which should never be used to start a new aquarium.

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