Paw Patrol Fishing Pole

Paw Patrol Fishing Pole

Paw Patrol Fishing Pole – Ideal For Teaching Your Kid How to Fish

This Paw Patrol fishing pole is ideal for teaching your kid how to fish. It is constructed of fiberglass and is suitable for freshwater species. It also features a pre-spooled spincast reel. It is designed to help kids learn the basics of fishing while enjoying the outdoors. The rod is 100 yards long and 6 lbs.

Kid Casters Paw Patrol Youth Fishing Kit

Paw Patrol Fishing Pole

The Kid Casters Paw Patrol Youth Fishing Kit features a spinning cast reel with 6 lb line and a practice casting plug. It also features a 3.1:1 gear ratio and a medium/light action fiberglass rod. It’s the perfect fishing tool for a kid.

This fishing kit contains everything needed to start fishing. The fishing rod features a design of your child’s favorite pup. The 6-lb line is pre-spooled. The rod’s fiberglass construction makes it great for casting and has a medium/light action. The reel is easy to use, with a quick-change handle.

This kid-friendly fishing kit is a great choice for young anglers who want to get started fishing quickly and without a headache. With fun images, this kit is designed to give children a fun introduction to fishing. The rod has a 3.1:1 gear ratio, a strong fiberglass spool, and a practice casting plug that’s perfect for young anglers.

Kid Casters Paw Patrol 2’6″ M Freshwater Rod and Reel Combo

Paw Patrol Fishing Pole

This fishing tackle set is perfect for teaching kids the basics of fishing. It includes a fiberglass rod and spin casting reel, with a 3.1:1 gear ratio. With this set, you can easily teach your kids the basics of fishing, while still giving them a challenge.

Kid Casters Paw Patrol no Tangle Telescopic fishing pole

The Kid Casters Paw Patrol no Tangle Telescoping fishing pole and reel combo is made of lightweight fiberglass, and is perfect for teaching kids how to fish. It features a snap swivel, safety hook, and casting plug. It also includes a 6 lb line, and a 3.1:1 gear ratio.

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