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Feeding a variety of different foods will provide the array of nutrients a betta fish needs to thrive. Hikari betta bio gold tetra bettamin aqueon betta food api beta food topfin betta bits and wardley betta food.

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In the wild betta fish may not know when their next meal is so their instinct is to continue eating while food is available.

Home food for betta fish. In fact the trick is to make sure that your betta is getting a varied diet. So tank kept bettas need more meaty foods in their diet than veggies and that s for a very good reason. There is fish food designed specifically for betta fish but they are healthiest when their diet includes a variety of protein sources.

In the wild they will typically eat small meaty creatures such as worms daphnia bloodworms brine shrimp mosquito larvae and other fish. Fill a glass jar with water and tear off a leaf from a head of lettuce. There isn t just one type of live food that s good for betta fish.

In most cases just one type of food won t get the job done. This way he s getting all the essential nutrients he needs in his diet. What is the best live food for betta fish.

Ranked in order the best betta food is live frozen freeze dried pellets and flakes. In their wild environment betta fish are omnivores eating a varied diet that includes mainly insect larvae water bound insects and a small amount of plant matter. Good sources of protein are bloodworms brine shrimp daphnia and fruit fly larvae.

Brine shrimp are a rich source of nutrition and energy for betta fish. Betta fish have unique dietary requirements and should be fed a diet that is tailored to their specific needs. Bettas are carnivorous fish that need lots of protein in their diet.

You should pick food made for betta fish. Brine shrimp enables betta fish to resist salinity in water that causes stress. However it will not provide instant food like the prior two recipes.

Submerge the lettuce in the water and leave the jar to sit in direct sunlight. Unlike dried shrimp brine shrimp contains about 60 more nutritional value making them one of the top diets for healthy bettas. In captivity a betta s diet needs to be high in protein meaning they need plenty of meat.

Some good options include. An infusoria is the easiest way to create liquid food for your betta fish.

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