Freshwater Tropical Fish Keep Dying

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Freshwater Tropical Fish Keep Dying. Different species of tropical fish can require different temperatures so always check to make sure you are providing the correct environment. When you buy your fish, the retailer should recommend a reliable aquarium heater to keep the water temperature constant.

How Long Can Your Tropical Fish Survive Without Food
How Long Can Your Tropical Fish Survive Without Food from

Whenever you lose a fish it is an opportunity to revisit your tank. Their water is often acidic, with little to no salinity. The main problem is that most beginners have no clue regarding how to keep guppy fish.

Goldfish are used to freshwater conditions where as tropical fish have tropical water conditions.

Body size also highlights certain threat, as ocean is another place where food chain rules. The aquarium is 7x5x5 with and the 6th layer doesn't have water becasue the. Tropical fish are the fish which are found in tropics, which are the regions on either side of the equator. We have had a tropical fish tank since january and have left it a month before adding fish.

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