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Get the Right Tackle

Fishing tackle

Before embarking on your fishing adventure in FFXV, be sure to gather the appropriate tools. Having the right tackle not only makes the process of casting and reeling in your catch smoother, but it can also increase your chances of catching bigger and better fish.

Firstly, make sure you have a fishing rod that’s compatible with your level. Early game, the default Drain Lance is more than enough to get you started, but as you progress, you’ll want to upgrade to better equipment that’s suitable for the more challenging locations and fish. The stronger the rod, the bigger the fish you can catch, so it’s always good to go for the best one you can afford.

Next, you need to ensure you have the appropriate fishing line. It’s always better to have a thicker line when fishing in areas with stronger fish, so choose the right one accordingly. The lower the fishing level, the weaker your line will be, making it more likely to break when trying to reel in bigger fish. A good line will also cast further and allow you to reach previously inaccessible areas of the water.

Finally, make sure you have the perfect bait. Different types of fish are particular about their favorite meal, so make sure you have a variety of baits on hand. You can either purchase them or find them while exploring the world of Eos. Experiment with different baits to figure out which type works best for catching each fish species. Keep in mind that some fish are attracted to specific baits, which can be crucial for catching certain rare fish.

Choose the Right Location

Fishing Spot

If you’re going fishing in Final Fantasy XV, one of the most important things you need to do is to choose the right location. Different types of fish will inhabit different bodies of water, so knowing where to cast your line is key to success. In this guide, we’ll show you some of the best fishing spots in the game, along with the types of fish to expect in each area.

First, let’s take a look at the fishing spot in Galdin Quay, which is located on the eastern coast of the map. Here, you can catch a variety of fish such as Crag Barramundi, Tide Grouper, and the rare Regal Arapaima. This location is great for beginner fishers since the fish are plentiful and easy to catch.

The Vesperpool is another great location for fishing in FFXV. Located in the north-central part of the map, this area offers a wide variety of fish. You can catch everything from the common Bronze Lucian Carp to the rare Vesper Gar. The Vesperpool is also home to the biggest fish in the game, the Dread Grouper. Make sure you bring your A-game if you’re trying to catch this behemoth.

The next location on our list is the Neeglyss Pond, which can be found in the Cleigne region. The pond is home to the infamous Liege of the Lake, a legendary fish that’s notoriously difficult to catch. But don’t let that deter you from trying – the pond is also home to plenty of other fish that are easier to catch, such as the Nebula Salmon and the King Catfish.

The last location on our list is the Caem Shoreline, located to the south of the map. Here, you can catch a variety of saltwater fish, including the popular Galdin Trevally, the Sweet Jamming Trout, and the Discerning Diner favorite, the Whopper Tuna.

When choosing a fishing spot, keep in mind the types of lures that different fish are attracted to. Monsters at the location can also affect your fishing, so be sure to bring appropriate gear and items. Happy fishing!

Know the Best Time to Fish

fishing tips

Knowing the best time to fish in FFXV is essential to having a successful catch. Some fish are more active during the day, while others come out to play at night. Understanding the behavior of different fish is crucial to finding them in their prime locations at the right time.

One of the first things to note is that the time of day in the game affects the behavior of fish. During the day, some fish like the Galdin Trevally are more active in the water. This makes it easier to catch them as they are more aggressive and more likely to bite the bait.

On the other hand, some fish like the Vesper Gar are easier to catch in the early morning. They are more active when the sun is just coming up and the water is cooler. This is also true for fish like the Nebula Salmon and the Lucian Catfish. Having an idea of when these fish are available is critical to increasing your chances of catching them.

You should also note that the weather in the game affects the behavior of some fish. For instance, when it rains, some fish like the Greydle Barramundi become more aggressive and are willing to bite on almost anything. However, some fish like the Pink Jade Gar are harder to catch during the rain because they prefer the sun.

Another essential tip is to change your fishing bait depending on the time of the day. For example, during the day, you can use lures that look like small fish because the predatory fish are hungry and willing to bite. At night, however, you can use lures that look like insects as some fish like the Galdin Quay and the Galdin Trevally feed on these.

Last but not least, some locations in the game are better for fishing during specific times of the day. For instance, the Galdin Quay is perfect for fishing at night because many fish like the Nebula Salmon and the Galdin Trevally come closer to the shore. In contrast, the Cauthess Rest Area is ideal for fishing during the day because there are more fish like the Crag Barramundi and the Snakehead that come out to play.

In conclusion, to be a successful fisherman in FFXV, it is essential to know the best time to fish. This knowledge not only helps you to locate different fish but also helps you to understand how their behavior changes throughout the day. Whether you are fishing for fun or completing a quest, having this information will give you an edge over other players and increase your chances of having a successful catch.

Use the Right Bait

fishing bait

If you want to catch the biggest fish in Final Fantasy XV, you need to use the right bait. Each fish in the game has its own favorite food, and if you want to catch a particular fish, you’ll need to use the bait that it likes. There are different types of bait available, and some of them are better suited for particular fish species.

The first step in choosing the right bait is to know which fish you’re targeting. The in-game fishing guide provides details on the different species of fish in the game, what they like to eat, and where they can be found. Once you know the type of fish you want to catch, selecting the right bait becomes easier.

Some common types of bait that are favored by various fish species in Final Fantasy XV include earthworms, Chocobo eggs, and sardines. Earthworms are a good all-purpose bait that can be used to catch a wide variety of freshwater fish. Chocobo eggs are a popular bait for larger fish, as they are high in nutrients. Sardines, on the other hand, are a good bait for catching small fish.

It’s also important to note that different types of bait work better at different times of the day. Some fish species are more active during certain times of the day, and using the right type of bait can increase your chances of catching them. For instance, some fish feed more actively at dawn or dusk, so you might need to use a particular bait to lure them during those times.

Finally, it’s worth experimenting with different types of bait to see what works best for you. Some fish species are more finicky and might prefer a particular type of bait, while others will bite just about anything. Trying out different types of bait can help you figure out what works best for you, and can improve your chances of catching the biggest fish in Final Fantasy XV.

Master the Art of Reeling

Master the Art of Reeling

One of the essential skills when it comes to fishing is knowing how to reel in your catch. It’s not just about pulling the line as hard as you can and hoping for the best. To have a successful fishing trip, here are five tips to help you master the art of reeling.

1. Stay Calm and Patient

Stay Calm and Patient

When you feel a tug on your line, your first instinct might be to start reeling in your catch as fast as you can. However, this can cause the fish to panic and swim away. Instead, stay calm and patient. Let the fish tire itself out before reeling it in. This requires patience and a steady hand.

2. Use the Right Equipment

Use the Right Equipment

Having the right equipment can make all the difference when it comes to reeling in a fish successfully. Make sure you are using high-quality line, a strong rod, and a well-maintained reel. The last thing you want is for your equipment to fail you when you have a big catch on the line.

3. Use the Right Technique

Use the Right Technique

Using the right technique can also make reeling in a fish a lot easier. When you start reeling, make sure to keep the rod tip up, and use a slow, steady motion. You can also use your other hand to help guide the line onto the reel to prevent snarls and tangles.

4. Know When to Stop Reeling

Know When to Stop Reeling

Knowing when to stop reeling is crucial, as it can be the difference between landing your catch and losing it. When the fish gets closer to the boat or shore, you may need to loosen your drag to prevent the line from breaking. Also, be cautious not to reel too far, or you could snap your line.

5. Adjust to the Strength and Size of the Fish

Adjust to the Strength and Size of the Fish

Lastly, adjusting to the strength and size of the fish is critical when it comes to reeling it in successfully. If you’re fishing for larger fish, you’ll need to have a sturdy rod and strong line to handle the weight. If you’re targeting smaller fish, you may be able to reel them in faster.

In conclusion, mastering the art of reeling is necessary for anyone who wants to become proficient at fishing. By staying calm, using the right equipment and techniques, knowing when to stop reeling, and adjusting to the strength and size of the fish, you’ll be well on your way to having a successful fishing trip.

Upgrade Your Gear

ffxv fishing gear

When it comes to fishing in Final Fantasy XV, having the right gear is essential if you want to catch anything other than small, common fish. As you progress through the game, it’s important to constantly upgrade your fishing tackle to improve your chances of catching bigger and better fish. Here are some tips to help you upgrade your gear and improve your chances of reeling in the big one.

1. Completing the Fishing Tournaments

ffxv fishing tournaments

One of the best ways to get new fishing gear is by participating in the fishing tournaments held throughout the game. These tournaments are not only a great way to show off your skills and win prizes, but they also offer some valuable gear as rewards. By completing these tournaments, you can unlock fishing rods, lures, and other gear that will help you catch bigger and better fish.

2. Visiting Fishing Shops

ffxv fishing shops

Another way to upgrade your fishing gear is by visiting fishing shops throughout the game. These shops offer a variety of equipment that can help you catch different types of fish. Some gear is more expensive than others, so make sure to save up some gil before you go shopping. Additionally, some fishing shops offer quests that can reward you with new gear, so make sure to check them out.

3. Fishing in Different Locations

ffxv fishing locations

Each fishing location in Final Fantasy XV has its own unique fish population and challenges, so it’s important to use the right gear for each spot. For example, some locations require different lures or fishing rods to catch specific fish. By experimenting with different gear and techniques at different locations, you can increase your chances of catching rare fish and earning more experience points.

4. Crafting Your Own Lures

ffxv crafting lures

If you’re having trouble finding the right lure for a specific fish, consider crafting your own. Crafting lures requires some basic materials and skills, but it can be a great way to create custom gear that is tailored to your needs. You can find recipes for crafting lures by searching for them online or by talking to other fishermen in the game.

5. Upgrading Your Fishing Line

ffxv fishing line

Your fishing line is an essential part of your gear, and it’s important to upgrade it regularly to improve your chances of catching big fish. Upgraded fishing lines are stronger and thicker, and they also have higher durability. By using an upgraded fishing line, you can catch larger fish without worrying about your line snapping or breaking.

6. Leveling Up Your Fishing Skill

ffxv fishing skill

The final tip for upgrading your fishing gear is to level up your fishing skill. As you catch more fish, you will earn experience points that contribute to your fishing skill level. Higher skill levels increase your chances of catching rare fish, reduce the chance of your line breaking, and unlock new abilities. To level up quickly, consider participating in the fishing tournaments or completing fishing-related quests throughout the game.


By upgrading your fishing gear in Final Fantasy XV, you can catch bigger and better fish, earn more experience points, and win valuable prizes. Try out these tips and strategies to improve your fishing skills and tackle any challenge that comes your way.

Complete Fishing Quests

FFXV Fishing

In Final Fantasy XV, fishing is not just a pastime activity. It’s a minigame that can reward you with rare and valuable items, experience points, and even new recipes. There are several fishing quests scattered throughout the game that you can complete to earn these rewards.

Most fishing quests are given by characters that you meet during your journey. They usually ask you to catch a specific fish or a set of fishes. Completing these quests will not only give you items but also increase your fishing rank.

One of the early fishing quests that you can complete is “A Fisherman’s Tale” given by Navyth. He asks you to catch a cherrycomb trout at the Vesperpool. This quest is straightforward, and you can catch the fish easily using a popper lure. Completing the quest will reward you with a fishing lure and fishing line, increasing your chances of catching more fish.

Another fun and challenging fishing quest is “Angler’s Nightmare” given by Dave. This quest requires you to catch a pink jade gar and a platinum myrltrout at the Causcherry Plains. These fishes are rare and difficult to catch, so make sure you have high-quality gear and the right bait. Completing the quest will reward you with a new fishing rod and reel, making it easier to catch bigger fishes.

If you are looking for a challenging fishing quest that rewards you with a unique and powerful weapon, then you should complete “Burrower’s Bane” given by Sania. This quest requires you to catch a new type of fish called the devil of the cygillan, found deep inside the Crestholm Channels. This fish is tough and requires a lot of patience and skill to catch. But completing the quest will reward you with a powerful spear called the “Trident of the Oracle,” which can deal massive damage to enemies.

Overall, completing fishing quests in Final Fantasy XV is a great way to earn valuable items and increase your fishing rank. It also adds a layer of depth to the game and makes fishing more fun and rewarding.

Learn From the Pros

ffxv fishing tips

Are you struggling to catch fish in Final Fantasy XV’s expansive open world? Fear not, because there are plenty of players out there who have mastered the art of fishing in this immersive game. Whether you want to learn new fishing techniques or need advice on what bait to use, seeking guidance from experienced fishermen can give you valuable tips and tricks that can make your fishing trips a success.

One way to learn from the pros is to watch other players in action. There are plenty of resources online, such as YouTube, Twitch, or Reddit, where you can find videos or live streams of players fishing in FFXV. By observing how they approach different fishing spots or react to different fish species, you can learn from their mistakes and successes and improve your own techniques accordingly.

If you prefer a more interactive approach, you can also seek advice from experienced fishermen within the game. FFXV has a robust multiplayer mode that allows you to team up with other players and collaborate on quests or activities, including fishing. By joining a fishing party or guild, you can meet other players who have a passion for fishing and who can share their knowledge with you. They may also have insider tips on where to find rare fish or how to catch them.

Another way to learn from the pros is by participating in fishing tournaments or challenges. FFXV offers various fishing competitions that you can enter, where you compete against other players to catch as many fish as possible within a certain timeframe or with specific rules. By participating in these events, you not only improve your skills and learn new strategies but also get a chance to win exclusive fishing gear or other rewards that can enhance your fishing experience.

Keep in mind that while learning from the pros in FFXV can be helpful, you should also develop your own style and preferences. Not everyone fishes the same way, and what works for one player may not work for you. Experimenting with different rods, lines, and baits can help you find your own niche and make fishing a more enjoyable and rewarding activity.

In conclusion, learning from experienced fishermen in Final Fantasy XV is a great way to improve your fishing skills and learn new strategies. Whether you prefer to watch other players online, team up with fellow fishermen in the game, or participate in fishing tournaments, seeking guidance from the pros can help you catch bigger and better fish, and have more fun in the process.

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