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Best Fishing Locations in Final Fantasy XIV: A Comprehensive Report

The Ruby Sea

The Ruby Sea

The Ruby Sea is a popular fishing location for many anglers in FFXIV. This vast body of water is full of exciting fish species that will test your angling skills. There are several fishing holes around the Ruby Sea, each featuring unique fish species. The two main fishing holes in the area are Onokoro and Isari. Onokoro is located at the south of the Ruby Sea, while Isari is to the north.

One of the most sought-after catches in the Ruby Sea is the Dawn Herald. This fish requires a high level of fishing skill to catch and is usually found in the Onokoro fishing hole during dawn hours. Another popular fish species found here is the Jade Eel, which can be caught at both Onokoro and Isari fishing holes.

Other fish found in the Ruby Sea include the Kuno the Killer (a type of crab), the Ra’Gruhn tun, and the Yankai, among others. Each of these species requires a different level of fishing experience, so be prepared to adapt your fishing technique to the type of fish you are targeting.

Remember to keep an eye out for weather conditions that might affect the fish’s behavior. Rainy weather is believed to make fishing in the Ruby Sea more productive, increasing your chances of catching the big ones.

The Dravanian Forelands

The Dravanian Forelands

The Dravanian Forelands offers an excellent fishing experience for anyone looking to test their angling skills. This region is vast, with several fishing holes located across its landscape. The two main fishing holes in the Dravanian Forelands are Greentear and Twinpools. Greentear is located in the north-eastern part of the region, while Twinpools is in the central part.

There are several unique fish species found in the Dravanian Forelands, each with different behaviors and habitats. One of the most exciting fish to catch in this region is the Storm-Siren, which requires a high level of fishing skill to catch. The Storm-Siren is usually located in the Twinpools fishing hole, but you may also find a few at Greentear fishing hole.

Other notable fish species found in the Dravanian Forelands include the Coerthas Trout, the Copperfish, and the Honeycomb Fish, among others. Each of these fish species has its preferred feeding time and habitat, so be sure to use the correct bait and fishing gear to catch them.

The Dravanian Forelands are known for their unpredictable and erratic weather conditions, making fishing more challenging. Be sure to bring along the necessary equipment, such as rain gear, to protect yourself from inclement weather.

The Azim Steppe

The Azim Steppe

The Azim Steppe is a vast grassland area that offers a unique fishing experience to FFXIV anglers. There are several fishing holes scattered across the Azim Steppe region, each featuring different fish species. The two main fishing holes in the area are the Nhaama’s Retreat and the Cattlewash.

One of the fish species found in the Azim Steppe that attracts many anglers is the Sinspitter. This fish requires advanced angling skills to catch and is usually located in the Cattlewash fishing hole. Another popular fish species found here is the Namitaro, which can be caught in both Nhaama’s Retreat and Cattlewash fishing holes.

Other fish species found in the Azim Steppe include the Leafy Seadragon, the Crimson Trout, and the Desert Catfish, among others. Some of these fish species have unique habits, such as preferring to feed at nighttime or only during stormy weather conditions.

The Azim Steppe’s weather conditions are often unpredictable and severe, making fishing more challenging. Be sure to pack the right gear to keep yourself protected from the harsh climatic conditions. Rain gear and appropriate clothing can go a long way in ensuring that your fishing trip is pleasant and comfortable.

Fishing Locations in The Ruby Sea

Fishing Locations in The Ruby Sea

The Ruby Sea is one of the most popular fishing locations in FFXIV due to its vast body of water and unique sea creatures. It is located in the far east of Othard, beyond the Azim Steppe, and is known for its brilliant clear waters that sparkle like rubies under the sun. The area is also home to a number of lore-rich locations and landmarks that only add to the ambiance of this already fantastic fishing spot.

The Isle of Bekko

The Isle of Bekko is a great location to fish in the Ruby Sea. It is located in the northwest of Ruby Sea and is home to a number of rare and unique fish, including the Garish Gertrude and the Yalm Lobster. Fishing here is relatively easy as there are barely any predators in the area and the water is pretty calm. However, getting to the Isle of Bekko can be a bit of a challenge as it is secluded and inaccessible by land. But, with a bit of persistence, you will find it to be worth the journey.

The Onokoro

The Onokoro is a vast deep-sea trench that runs alongside the coast of the Ruby Sea. It is one of the best places to fish in the area, especially if you are looking for rare fish such as the Ruby Shrimp or the Pearl-Eye. The Onokoro is also known for its deep-sea creatures, such as the elusive Kraken and the Ghost Octopus, so be prepared for a thrilling fishing experience.

The Yanxia Delta

Located in the southern parts of the Ruby Sea, the Yanxia Delta is another fantastic fishing location. Here, you can find a number of rare species of fish such as the Ruby Dragonet or the Tiger Cod. The area is also home to a number of predators, including the Yanxia Tiger Prawn and the Yanxia Goby, which make fishing here a thrilling challenge. The Yanxia Delta is truly a sight to behold and we highly recommend it for your next fishing adventure.

The Nhaama Desert

The Nhaama Desert is located in the central parts of the Ruby Sea and is home to a number of unique fish species that you won’t find anywhere else. It is almost a desert-like region and the fishing experience there is truly unlike anything else in the game. Keep an eye out for the Sandfish or the Desert Catfish, they are a particular favorite among anglers.

If you’re looking for a place to fish in FFXIV, look no further than the Ruby Sea. With its vast body of water and unique sea creatures, it truly is a fisherman’s paradise. So pack your gear, choose your spot, and get ready for an adventure unlike any other.

Fishing in Coerthas Central Highlands

Coerthas Central Highlands Image

Fishing in Coerthas Central Highlands is a familiar experience for many Final Fantasy XIV fans. Known for its snowcapped mountains and crystal-clear lakes, this zone is home to some of the most picturesque fishing locations in the game.

The central highlands of Coerthas is an inland region in the northernmost part of Eorzea. The area is characterized by snow-covered peaks, rolling hills, and vast forests. The area was once home to the Ishgardian nation and is steeped in history and lore. It’s during the winter season that this region shines, with its frozen waters teeming with different types of fish that are perfect for ice fishing.

The Different Fishing Locations of Coerthas Central Highlands

Players looking to experience ice fishing in Coerthas Central Highlands have many options to choose from. These fishing locations are scattered throughout the zone, and each one has unique fish species to offer. Below are some of the best places to fish in Coerthas Central Highlands.


Dragonspit Image

Dragonspit is a picturesque frozen lake located in the eastern highlands of Coerthas. The lake is known for its mild climb and easy access, making it one of the most popular fishing destinations in the area. Anglers can expect to catch a wide range of fish species, including the Snow Trout, the Abalathian Bitterling, the HQ Abalathian Mackerel, and the Abalathian Smelt.

The Nail

The Nail Image

The Nail is located towards the northern end of the Coerthas Central Highlands. It’s a deep, oceanic inlet formed by glacial activity and surrounded by steep mountains. The Nail is a challenging location for fishing, but it offers huge rewards for those who manage to catch the more elusive species that can only be found here. Among the fish species that anglers can expect to catch here include the Blue Species, the Gudgeon, the Mummer Wrasse, and the Grinning Grouper.

Providence Point

Providence Point Image

Located along the eastern edge of the central highlands, Providence Point is a popular fishing location among casual anglers. The spot is easy to access and offers a wide variety of fish species. Here, you can expect to catch fish such as HQ Highland Perch, the Abalathian Rock Salt, the Highland Trout, and the HQ Abalathian Spring Water.


The Coerthas Central Highlands is a picturesque zone full of surprises, especially to avid anglers. Fishing in this area is a relaxing and fun activity that not only helps you unwind but also gives you the excitement of catching different types of fish species. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced angler, there is a fishing location in Coerthas Central Highlands that can cater to your needs. So grab your fishing rod and head to this wintery wonderland for an unforgettable fishing experience.

Fishing in Yanxia: Discovering an Eastern Paradise

Fishing in Yanxia

Yanxia is an alluring destination in the Far East that not only boasts rich cultural heritage but also offers breathtaking scenery. The region is characterized by soaring mountain ranges, mist-shrouded valleys, and stunning waterfalls that cascade through the serene landscape, making it an idyllic spot for fishing enthusiasts.

As a coastal area, Yanxia is teeming with a variety of marine life, creating a haven for fishing. With the right knowledge of the best locations and techniques for fishing in Yanxia, you can have a fulfilling and memorable time exploring the natural beauty of this region. Here are some Yanxia fishing locations that are worth checking out:

Dainty Spring

Dainty Spring

Dainty Spring is a picturesque location situated on the eastern bank of Yanxia River. This spot is famous for its serene ambiance, making it an excellent place to unwind and enjoy a spot of fishing. The river spot is surrounded by cherry blossom trees, which provide delightful scenery, especially during the spring season, when the blossoms are in full bloom. It is home to several species of fish, including the Cherry Salmon and Yumizuno, which are highly sought after by fishermen all around Yanxia. The best time to fish in Dainty Spring is during the late afternoon and early evening when the water is calm.

Plum Spring

Plum Spring

Plum Spring is situated on the western bank of Yanxia River and is famous for its stunning waterfall. The waterfall provides not only an exquisite backdrop for fishing but also creates a peaceful environment that makes it an ideal spot for relaxation. The river is home to several varieties of fish, but the most common fish species found in the area are Mitten Crab and Cherry Salmon. Fishing in Plum Spring is best done during the daytime, particularly around midday, when the sun’s rays penetrate through the dense foliage, creating beautiful shafts of sunlight that dance and reflect off the waterfall’s mist.

Onsal Hakair

Onsal Hakair

If you love fishing in deep water, you will find Onsal Hakair the perfect spot for you. This location is situated on the Yanxia coast, near Namai village. Onsal Hakair is ideal for fishing enthusiasts who want to catch rare and exotic fish species. This fishing spot is frequented by the Blue-Finned Tuna and Othardian Salmon, which are highly sought after by anglers. The best time to fish in Onsal Hakair is during the late hours of the night, where you will have the greatest chance of catching these alluring fish.

Heaven-on-High (fishing)

Heaven-on-High (Fishing)

Heaven-on-High is a new fishing location situated right in the middle of Yanxia region. Fishing in this location is not only about the fish but also the stunning scenery that surrounds it. The spot is surrounded by the colorful autumn scenery on one side and the lush green vegetation on the other. The area is home to a variety of fish species, which includes the Oriental Loach and Yanxian Trout. The fishing experience in Heaven-on-High is exceptional during the day and is usually most satisfying on sunny afternoons.

In conclusion, Yanxia is a wonderful location for fishing enthusiasts. It provides excellent fishing opportunities surrounded by stunning scenery and tranquility. It is essential to have the right fishing gear and knowledge of these fishing locations and their unique features. The Yanxia region is vast and full of undiscovered fishing hotspots waiting to be found, so take a chance, and you may just catch the fish of a lifetime.

Sea of Clouds

Sea of Clouds

The Sea of Clouds is a picturesque location in Final Fantasy XIV where players can go fishing. This floating island is located high above the ground and has a serene and magical atmosphere that attracts players. The unique feature of this location is the presence of flying fish that can be caught using the Skyfishing ability.

Players can reach the Sea of Clouds by airship from Foundation. Once you have landed safely on the floating island, you will be mesmerized by the beauty of the surroundings. The location boasts of a vast, open sky that is painted with the colors of a gorgeous sunrise or sunset.

It is incredibly relaxing to hear the gentle sound of the wind in your ears as you cast your fishing line. The flying fish look like they are dancing through the air, making it an exciting challenge to reel them in.

Anglers will need to have Patience and Precision abilities to catch the flying fish. With Patience, players can anticipate any skill changes that might occur and plan ahead. Precision is essential for players to increase their chances of catching fish and minimize the number of failed attempts.

Once you have caught all the flying fish in the Sea of Clouds, you will receive exclusive rewards that are only available in this location. The rewards include unique fishing gear, materials used for crafting, and even special mounts.

The Sea of Clouds is a location that every angler should visit if they are looking for a new and exciting fishing experience. While fishing for flying fish in this floating island, players will enjoy a relaxing, immersive gameplay experience that is unmatched anywhere else in Final Fantasy XIV.

The Diadem

The Diadem Fishing in FFXIV

The Diadem is a special floating island in Final Fantasy XIV where Airship Fishing is the only way to catch its large and rare fish. This location is unique because it requires a pre-made party and at least one member to have an airship project that has been unlocked to access it.

There are two areas in The Diadem that are excellent for fishing. The first area is located at Cloudtop where specific fish such as the Vanuhead and the Metal Knifefish can be found. The second area is located at the Abalathia’s Skull where you can catch fish such as the Abalathian Smelt and the Gladiator Crab. Both areas have different fish species that can only be caught one at a time.

When it comes to catching fish in The Diadem, patience and perseverance are critical. The fish found in this location are difficult to catch and require the use of special fishing strategies and equipment. It is best to use high-quality bait such as the Brute Leech and the Moochable Trout to increase your chances of catching these elusive fish.

Aside from catching large and rare fish, fishing in The Diadem also rewards players with unique fishing gear and crafting materials that can only be obtained in this location. As a result, avid crafters and fishers are encouraged to visit this floating island and join a pre-made party with friends and other players.

Overall, The Diadem is a challenging yet rewarding location for fishing in Final Fantasy XIV. It offers a unique experience that tests the skills and patience of crafters and fishers. If you’re up for the challenge, gather your friends and head to The Diadem to see what rare fish you can catch.

Fishing Locations in Southern Thanalan

Fishing Locations in Southern Thanalan

If you enjoy fishing in Final Fantasy XIV, you will be pleased to know that Southern Thanalan has several great spots that you can try. This desert location may seem barren, but it offers a unique variety of sandfish that can only be caught using a special bait. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the best fishing locations in Southern Thanalan that you can try.

1. Zephyr Drift

Zephyr Drift Fishing Spot

Zephyr Drift is a popular spot for catching sandfish. You will need a special bait called the Radiant Sandfish bait to be able to catch them. The bait can be obtained using the Fisher’s Intuition ability, which allows you to sense fishing conditions in the area. Along with sandfish, you can also catch other common fish like moraby flounder and cyclops shrimp.

2. Halcyon Pond

Halcyon Pond Fishing Spot

The Halcyon Pond is located in the southwestern part of Southern Thanalan. This spot is known for its large variety of fish, including the Eastern Pike, the Lalafellin Loach, and the Pterodactyl. The water in the pond is relatively shallow, making it easy to catch fish with regular bait. It is also a great spot for leveling up your fishing skill.

3. Sagolii Desert

Sagolii Desert Fishing Spot

The Sagolii Desert is home to several great fishing spots that you can explore. The area is known for its plentiful sandfish, as well as the Kissing Trout and the Goldfish. You can also catch a few types of sharks in the area, including the Hammerhead Shark and the Megalodon. However, be aware that the sharks are relatively rare and require high-level bait and gear to catch.

4. The Burning Wall

The Burning Wall Fishing Spot

The Burning Wall is located in the heart of Southern Thanalan and is known for its large variety of fish. The area is filled with several small pools that house fish like the Walking Catfish, the Sunset Coral, and the Frilled Shark. You will need a variety of bait to catch the different types of fish in the area, so be sure to bring a range of bait with you.

5. Forgotten Springs

Forgotten Springs Fishing Spot

Forgotten Springs is a small oasis located in Southern Thanalan. The area has a few fishing spots where you can catch unique and rare fish like the Bronze Lake Trout, the Yellow Coral, and the Gigant Octopus. Fishing in this area requires high-level bait and gear, but the rewards are worth it.

6. Quick Sand

Quick Sand Fishing Spot

Quick Sand is located in the southwestern part of Southern Thanalan and is known for being a great spot to catch sandfish. The area is relatively small, but it is easy to catch sandfish with the Radiant Sandfish bait. You can also catch other common fish like the Three-eyed Fish and the Slimy Toad.

7. Vesper Bay

Vesper Bay Fishing Spot

Vesper Bay is a large bay located in the southwestern part of Southern Thanalan. The area is known for its abundant sandfish population, as well as the Lalafellin Anchovy and the Sandfish. You can also catch a few sharks in the area, but they require high-level bait and gear. Vesper Bay is a great spot to level up your fishing skill, as it is relatively peaceful and offers many fish to catch.

In conclusion, Southern Thanalan offers a wide variety of fishing spots that you can try. Whether you’re looking to catch sandfish or rare fish like the Gigant Octopus, there’s something for everyone in this desert location.

1. Limsa Lominsa

Limsa Lominsa Fishing FFXIV

Limsa Lominsa, the maritime city-state, is home to a variety of marine life, making it an ideal location for fishing enthusiasts. From the busy docks of the Lower Decks to the serene beaches of the Upper Decks, there are plenty of spots to cast your line. New fishers will enjoy the many quests available to them, while experienced anglers can try their hand at catching some of the rarest and most valuable fish in the game.

2. Western La Noscea

Western La Noscea Fishing FFXIV

Western La Noscea is a region of lush forests, winding rivers, and rocky coasts. It is home to a variety of freshwater and saltwater fish, including the elusive Nepto Dragon, a rare catch that is highly sought after by anglers. The tranquil shores of Aleport make for a great fishing spot, while the many fishing holes hidden throughout the region offer a challenge to even the most skilled fishers.

3. The Black Shroud

The Black Shroud Fishing FFXIV

The Black Shroud is a dense forest that covers much of the region surrounding Gridania. It is home to a variety of freshwater fish, including the highly prized Cherry Salmon, which can only be caught in the waters near Gridania. The many streams and waterfalls throughout the forest make for picturesque fishing spots, while the ancient ruins of Amdapor provide a unique challenge for experienced fishers.

4. Coerthas Central Highlands

Coerthas Central Highlands Fishing FFXIV

The Coerthas Central Highlands is a snowy region that serves as the gateway to Ishgard. Here, you’ll find a variety of freshwater fish in the region’s many rivers and streams, including the hardy Highland Trout. Visitors can also enjoy ice fishing on the frozen lakes, where they may catch the elusive Hototo, a fish that thrives in subzero temperatures.

5. The Sea of Clouds

The Sea of Clouds Fishing FFXIV

The Sea of Clouds is a region of floating islands high above the clouds. While fishing in the sky may seem impossible, the many floating waterfalls and streams make it possible. Here, visitors can catch rare and valuable fish like the Cloud Cuttlefish and the Flytrap, which can only be found in the region’s unique environment.

6. Yanxia

Yanxia Fishing FFXIV

Yanxia is an exotic region located in the far east of Hydaelyn. It is home to a variety of saltwater fish, including the fabled Namitaro, which is said to be impossible to catch. Visitors can fish from the region’s many docks and piers, or they can venture out to sea in search of the ocean’s treasures.

7. The Ruby Sea

The Ruby Sea Fishing FFXIV

The Ruby Sea is a vast expanse of saltwater that lies to the east of Othard. It is home to a variety of sea creatures, including the fearsome Liopleurodon and the beautiful Ruby Coral. Visitors can fish from the many beaches and cliffs that surround the Sea, or they can venture out to the many reefs and underwater caves that dot the landscape.

8. The Diadem

The Diadem Fishing FFXIV

The Diadem is a floating island that can only be accessed through airship travel. It is a unique location where players can fish in the clouds for rare and valuable fish. The Diadem also features unique fishing mechanics, with players needing to use different bait and lures to catch different types of fish. Visitors can also participate in fishing tournaments and earn special rewards for their efforts.


Final Fantasy XIV Fish

From the bustling city of Limsa Lominsa to the serene forests of The Black Shroud, Final Fantasy XIV offers a variety of fishing locations for enthusiasts to explore. Each region offers its own unique set of challenges and rewards, making fishing in FFXIV a rewarding and exciting experience. So grab your rod, pack your tackle box, and get ready to reel in the catch of a lifetime!

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