Can Guppies And Fighting Fish Live Together

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So you can keep them together and observe. For those of you that don t know the betta betta splendens also known as siamese fighting fish or fighting fishes is a beautiful species of fish that originate from southeast asia.

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The reason why putting guppies and a betta siamese fighting fish together is not a good idea is because guppies have.

Can guppies and fighting fish live together. It is mostly a result of their smaller size being less likely to appear as a threat to the male bettas. So be careful and keep an eye out for trouble. Species to avoid keeping with guppies.

The melanotaenia boesemani is a very popular fish among aquarium lovers due to its colorful appeal which however fades a little when raised in captivity. A fish originally from asia it can now be found all over the world. Guppies and neons will live together in the same aquarium.

There are some species that you should avoid keeping with your guppies either because of predatory behavior or aggression towards guppies. These are the fish that you can house together with your guppies to create a peaceful and happy freshwater fish community. The temperature and ph requirements of both guppies and bettas are similar.

But watch their behavior. Some people manage to keep guppies with bettas without problems but more often the colors and long fins of the male guppies provoke aggression in the betta and the betta starts attacking the guppies. I really do not recommend it although they may be able to live with them.

Therefore they pick on each other and can kill one another. In wild betta fish live in rice paddies and shallow pools. I ve heard that the bettas can live with neons.

You can also have ghost shrimp in there. So can guppies live with bettas. But if something goes wrong then just immediately separate them.

However it does prefer to live in schools of its own species therefore we recommend. Remember that neons like soft water. Like the guppy this fish is an excellent swimmer with a peaceful character.

Bettas are also known as fighting fish as you may already know. Neon is a fish with a similar temperament and size. But before we dive in let s take a look at the betta fish and its behavior so we know what to expect.

However if your female guppies are particularly colorful it can lead to fights and aggression from your bettas. Male betta fish can learn to live with female guppies. The betta is aggressive as can be guppies.

Just be careful with the neons and they are schooling fish so you should have at least 3 if you do.

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