Can Female Betta Fish Live With Goldfish

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Putting a betta in the same tank with goldfish will spell doom for both of them. Betta fish prefer temperatures between 78 82 degrees fahrenheit.

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However the arrangement won t be ideal for either fish.

Can female betta fish live with goldfish. The short answer due to the fact betta fish need warmer temperatures than goldfish they need clean water whereas goldfish are extremely dirty goldfish need much bigger tanks 30 gallons and also because goldfish are quick eaters and fin nippers its definitely not recommended to keep bettas with goldfish. And if they are compatible. Keeping bettas with other fish.

If you re seeking an answer to the question can betta fish live with goldfish the short answer is yes they can. Having a goldfish as a tankmate will increase the chances of ammonia increase in the tank. So the male bettas are not good tank mates for goldfish.

Can a betta fish live with goldfish. Keep reading on to learn why keeping betta in the same tank as goldfish isn t recommended. Goldfish prefer temperatures between 65 and 75 degrees fahrenheit.

Both types of fish need different water temperatures filtration requirements diet etc. Betta fish cannot live with goldfish in the same fish tank. But it can happen in both cases.

In many cases it will be the opposite the goldfish will be more likely to eat a betta fish s food as they are omnivores and are also larger fish so their appetites tend to be slightly stronger. The betta fish is from shallow warm waters in vietnam malaysia thailand and cambodia and it needs a water temperature of about 78 80 f. If you attempt to keep them together one species will always be unhappy.

They can live together under the correct conditions. Whichever the way it is bettas need clean water while goldfish thrive in dirtiness. Additionally goldfish benefit from a seasonal drop in temperatures while betta fish prefer stable temperatures.

It can also depend on a few things. Can female betta live with goldfish. Don t be fooled by the name goldfish are very dirty.

Not all betta fish do well with goldfish and not all goldfish do well with betta fish.

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