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“Bud N Mary’s Fishing Report: The Latest Catches and Conditions”



If you’re an avid angler or just looking to try your hand at fishing, then Islamorada, Florida should be right at the top of your list. Located in the Florida Keys, Islamorada is known as the “Sportfishing Capital of the World.” This small town is home to a variety of fish species, making it an ideal spot for both novice and experienced anglers.

To make the most of your fishing experience in Islamorada, it is important to have a good understanding of local fishing conditions. This is where Bud N Mary’s fishing report comes in handy. This report provides up-to-date information on fishing conditions, hotspots, and what types of fish to expect during a particular season.

For decades, Bud N Mary’s Fishing Marina has been the go-to spot for fishermen visiting the Florida Keys. With over 70 years of experience, they have grown to become an iconic destination for anglers from all over the world. They know the Islamorada waters like the back of their hand, which has made them a reliable source for fishing reports.

If you’re planning a fishing trip to Islamorada, Bud N Mary’s Fishing Marina can provide everything you need. From boat rentals to fishing charters, they’ve got it all. In addition to their extensive knowledge of the local waters, they have an array of equipment and gear to make your fishing adventure a success.

With Bud N Mary’s fishing report, you can be assured of having the most accurate and up-to-date information about the fishing conditions in Islamorada. This report is updated regularly, so you can stay informed about the current fishing trends in the area. Whether you’re fishing for sailfish, tarpon, or simply just looking to reel in some snapper, their report will help you plan your fishing trip accordingly.

Fishing Conditions

Fishing Conditions

As fishing enthusiasts look forward to their next fishing trip, one of the first things to consider is the current status of the fishing conditions. The experience of catching that prized fish may depend on a myriad of factors, such as the weather conditions, water temperature, and fish activity. Below is an update on the fishing conditions at Bud N Mary’s marina:

Weather Conditions

Weather Conditions

Weather conditions play a significant role in the success of any fishing trip. It determines not only the comfort of the anglers but also influences the behavior of fish. At Bud N Mary’s, the weather has been consistently good over the past couple of weeks. The skies have been clear, and there has been minimal rainfall or wind. This kind of weather condition creates a calm ocean surface, which is ideal for offshore fishing. Therefore, anglers can expect smooth sailing and ripe fishing opportunities.

Water Temperature

Water Temperature

The temperature of the waterbody plays a crucial role in fish behavior. Therefore, understanding the water temperature is essential in predicting the availability and behavior of fish. At Bud N Mary’s, the water temperature has remained fairly constant over the past week, with an average temperature of 78℉. This kind of temperature range generally creates a favorable environment for fish, especially the pelagic ones. Such fish include Mahi Mahi, Sailfish, and Tunas. The temperature creates an ample opportunity for anglers looking to catch fish offshore.

Fish Activity

Fish Activity

The primary reason for any fishing trip is to catch fish. As the fishing enthusiasts pack their gears, they anticipate excellent fishing opportunities. At Bud N Mary’s, the fish activity has generally been good in the past week. The offshore fishing has been particularly active, with a variety of fish species being caught. Anglers have been catching Mahi Mahi at an average weight of 22lbs. There have also been reports of Sailfish being hooked. The deeper parts have been the most productive for Tunas, while the reef has been the home to Yellowtail, Porgy, and Mutton Snappers. In summary, Bud N Mary’s remains one of the best places to catch fish.

In conclusion, fishing conditions at Bud N Mary’s remain relatively good. Fishing enthusiasts can expect a good catch, especially offshore. The weather has been calm and favorable, and the temperature range has been ideal for pelagic fish. However, it is essential to consult the marina for expert advice on the best spots, techniques, and baits to use.

Top 3 Fishing Techniques at Bud N Mary’s

Bud N Mary's Fishing Report

Bud N Mary’s Fishing Marina is a unique destination for fishing enthusiasts. It is located in Islamorada, the Sports Fishing Capital of the World. The marina offers a range of fishing experiences, including backcountry fishing, offshore fishing, and reef fishing. The experienced fishing captains at Bud N Mary’s have shared three of their favourite techniques for catching fish in the local area.


Trolling Fishing

Trolling is a commonly used fishing technique at Bud N Mary’s. It involves dragging lures or live bait behind a slowly moving boat. The technique is effective for catching a variety of fish species, including sailfish, marlin, wahoo, and mahi-mahi. The fishing captains at Bud N Mary’s recommend using a combination of lures and live bait for trolling. Lures that resemble natural prey, such as squid or ballyhoo, are popular choices. When trolling with live bait, it is important to match the size and type of bait to the target species. The fishing captains will often use a variety of trolling techniques to determine which is most effective on a given day.

Bottom Fishing

Bottom Fishing

Bottom fishing is another popular technique used at Bud N Mary’s. It involves dropping baited hooks to the ocean floor and waiting for a bite. The technique is effective for catching species, such as grouper, snapper, and amberjack. The fishing captains at Bud N Mary’s recommend using heavy tackle and strong lines when bottom fishing. They also suggest using natural baits, such as squid, fish chunks, or whole fish. The fishing captains will often change the depth of their bait to determine where the fish are feeding.


Casting Fishing

Casting is a fishing technique that involves throwing a lure or baited hook with a fishing rod. The technique is effective for catching species such as tarpon, bonefish, and permit. The fishing captains at Bud N Mary’s will often use live bait when casting to these species. They recommend using light tackle and long leaders when casting. It is also important to cast quietly and accurately to avoid spooking the fish. The fishing captains will often move the boat close to the area where the fish are feeding to increase the chances of a catch.

Bud N Mary’s Fishing Marina is a unique destination for fishing enthusiasts, offering easy access to some of the world’s best fishing grounds. The experienced fishing captains at Bud N Mary’s utilise these techniques plus many others to ensure that their guests have the best possible chance of catching fish. For all of your fishing needs, head to Bud N Mary’s Fishing Marina and enjoy the ultimate fishing experience.

Fishing Success Stories

Fishing Success Stories

Florida Keys is known for its outstanding fishing experience, and every year, tourists from all across the world visit Bud N Mary’s Marina to explore the abundant opportunities. Bud N Mary’s fishing report is always packed with exciting tales of successful fishing trips by the visitors and fishing guides.

Most recently, one of our customers from the Northeast landed a massive tarpon, weighing approximately 120 pounds. After several attempts, he gently reeled it in, and the fish was released unharmed to continue its journey through Florida waters. For many anglers, catching a tarpon is an unforgettable experience that requires skill, patience, and a wee bit of luck.

Another one of our clients had the most incredible time trolling offshore. They caught and released more than 20 blackfin tunas, which made for an epic day out on the water. These smaller tuna are delicious, making for great sushi, but difficult to catch because they tend to swim in schools. The crew had a blast bringing in fish after fish and released many more than they kept for their feast.

Those who head to the Atlantic also enjoy the abundant fishing opportunities, and we had a group of clients that fished with Captain R.J. on the ‘Broad Minded.’ The team got to work straight away, trolling down the edge of the Gulf Stream, and within 20 minutes, they caught three mahi-mahis. These gorgeous fish can be found throughout the year, primarily in the summertime. They are fast swimmers and feature vibrant colors, making for a stunning catch. The team caught many more along the way and returned to the dock laden with fish.

We also had a family head out on a backcountry fishing trip with Captain Joey. It was their first time fishing, and they caught a variety of species, including mangrove snapper, yellowtail snapper, and even a nurse shark. It is always great to see new anglers catch their first fish. They will undoubtedly be hooked on fishing for a lifetime!

Overall, Bud N Mary’s Marina is a fantastic spot to enjoy fantastic fishing experiences. Our expert guides know all the right spots to head and offer unmatched knowledge on fishing techniques and tips. Bring your family or friends and enjoy the thrill of fishing while soaking up the Florida sun and scenery. As always, we urge all anglers to follow the principles of sustainable fishing and ensure the proper catch and release of all fish.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Bud N Mary’s is excited to announce several upcoming events and tournaments for all fishing enthusiasts in the area. From novice to experienced anglers, there is an event for everyone.

1. Islamorada Swordfish Tournament

Islamorada Swordfish Tournament

The Islamorada Swordfish Tournament is set to take place on July 16th and 17th. The exciting tournament involves catching and weighing in swordfish that weigh over 75 pounds. It is a fantastic event for seasoned anglers who enjoy the thrill of the chase.

2. Fourth of July Fireworks

Fourth of July Fireworks

If you are visiting Bud N Mary’s during the Fourth of July, you are in for a treat. Every year, the village celebrates with a spectacular firework display over the ocean. You can board one of the many boats on offer and get the best seats in the house. Don’t miss out on this fantastic event.

3. Offshore Ladies Fishing Day

Offshore Ladies Fishing Day

This event is an excellent opportunity for women who want to learn to fish or improve their fishing abilities. It takes place on August 28th and is run by some of the most experienced captains in the area. The day includes on-land training sessions as well as a full day of offshore fishing. It’s an excellent opportunity for female anglers to hone their skills and enjoy a fun-filled day on the water.

4. Labor Day Lionfish Derby

Labor Day Lionfish Derby

Lionfish are an invasive species that threaten the ecosystem in the area. The Labor Day Lionfish Derby is an event that brings together conservationists and fishermen to fight against the lionfish invasion. The tournament takes place on September 4th, and the goal is to catch as many lionfish as possible. It’s an excellent way to help preserve the area’s ecosystem and have fun while doing it.

5. Key West Fishing Tournament

Key West Fishing Tournament

The Key West Fishing Tournament is an annual event that takes place in June and runs throughout August. It’s a great opportunity for anglers of all ages to showcase their skills and compete in various categories. The tournament has been running for over 50 years and attracts participants from all over the world. If you are in the area during the tournament, it’s not to be missed.

These are just some of the exciting upcoming events taking place in the area. Bud N Mary’s is the perfect place for fishing enthusiasts to stay and enjoy these fantastic events. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the thrill of fishing in the Florida Keys.

Seasonal Fishing Patterns in Islamorada

Islamorada fishing

Islamorada is well-known for its incredible fishing opportunities, attracting anglers from all over the world. However, understanding seasonal fishing patterns is key to having a successful fishing trip in this area.

In the winter months, from December to February, sailfish and swordfish are the most commonly caught species. The sailfish migration is at its peak during this time, making it a popular season for sport fishing. Meanwhile, swordfish can be found deeper in the water, usually at depths of up to 1,500 feet.

During the spring months, from March to May, blackfin tuna, wahoo, and mahi-mahi become more prevalent. Mahi-mahi is a favorite among anglers due to its acrobatic nature and delicious taste. While wahoo and blackfin tuna require a bit more skill to catch due to their speed and strength.

In the summer, from June to August, the offshore fishing scene explodes. With the warm waters come various types of pelagic fish, such as marlin, sailfish, and mahi-mahi. During this time, it is not uncommon to witness schools of mahi-mahi swimming near the surface, making for an exhilarating sight for anglers.

Finally, in the fall, from September to November, yellowfin tuna and sailfish are the top species to look out for. Yellowfin tuna are the largest tuna found in the area and can weigh up to 300 pounds. Sailfish are still quite abundant during this time, usually swimming in schools of up to 50.

Understanding seasonal fishing patterns provides anglers with a better chance of making a big catch. It’s always best to speak to the knowledgeable staff at Bud N Mary’s to plan your fishing trip around the ideal time to catch your desired species.

Equipment and Techniques for Successful Fishing in Islamorada

islamorada fishing

Having the right equipment and techniques is crucial for successful fishing in Islamorada. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a beginner, it’s essential to understand the different types of gear available and which techniques to use for various species.

At Bud N Mary’s, the staff is knowledgeable and always happy to help select and guide anglers on the right equipment and technique. For example, when fishing for sailfish, anglers often use live bait or lures. Similarly, when fishing for swordfish, deep-sea rigs and heavy sinkers are necessary to reach the deep depths where they swim.

Wahoo and tuna require different techniques, such as trolling or using feathers or lures. These species also generally require fast-moving lures to attract bites. Meanwhile, for bottom fishing for species such as snapper and grouper, a more robust line and hooks are necessary to withstand the fish’s power.

Overall, it’s essential to match your gear and technique to the species you’re targeting, and the staff at Bud N Mary’s can help you do just that.

Benefits of Hiring a Guide

islamorada fishing

Whether you’re new to fishing or an experienced angler, hiring a guide can provide a range of benefits. At Bud N Mary’s, the experienced guides know the local waters and can offer expert advice on fishing techniques and strategy.

By hiring a guide, you can increase your chances of making a big catch. Guides know where the fish are and can save you time searching for the best fishing spots. Additionally, they offer tips and tricks on the best techniques to use, including bait and lures.

Guides can also help with boat handling, which is especially important for beginners who might need help maneuvering the boat and avoiding hazards in the water. Plus, guides can provide the necessary fishing licenses, so you don’t have to worry about paperwork and can focus on fishing instead.

Finally, fishing with a guide can provide a more memorable and educational experience. Guides can share their local knowledge of the various species found in the area, as well as tips for preserving the environment and maintaining sustainability while fishing.

Staying Safe While Fishing in Islamorada

islamorada fishing

Fishing is a fun and exciting activity, but safety should always be a top priority. Bud N Mary’s prioritizes the safety of its guests and staff while out on the water.

Before heading out on a fishing trip, make sure to check the weather forecast. Sudden storms and high winds can be dangerous on the water, so it’s essential to avoid going out during such conditions.

Another crucial safety measure is to have life jackets on board the boat. While it’s not mandatory for adults to wear them, it’s always best practice to do so. Children under the age of six must wear life jackets while on board.

Additionally, it’s important to stay hydrated. Islamorada’s tropical climate can be hot and humid, so make sure to bring plenty of water and stay hydrated throughout the day.

Final Thoughts on Bud N Mary’s Fishing Report

islamorada fishing

Bud N Mary’s fishing report is a valuable resource for anyone looking to fish in Islamorada and the surrounding areas. The report provides up-to-date information on the various species of fish caught in the area, seasonal fishing patterns, and techniques used by successful anglers.

The experienced staff at Bud N Mary’s is always happy to offer advice and guidance on choosing the right equipment and technique to suit your fishing needs. Additionally, hiring a guide can provide a more memorable and educational experience and increase your chances of making a big catch.

It’s important always to prioritize safety while fishing in Islamorada, including checking weather conditions, having life jackets, and staying hydrated.

A successful fishing trip in Islamorada is not just about catching fish. It’s about enjoying the natural beauty of the area and making lasting memories with friends and family. Bud N Mary’s can help ensure you have a safe and memorable fishing trip.

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