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General hardness gh test freshwater tropical betta african cichlid goldfish salt water carbonate hardness kh test freshwater tropical betta african cichlid goldfish salt water aquarium 6 0 6 5 7 0 7 5 8 0 8 5 9 0 aquarium aquarium aquarium aquarium 0 0 0 5 1 0 3 0 5 0 10 0 0 20 40 80 160 200 0 30 60 120 180 0 40 80 120 180 240 5 in 1. Testing for your ph value refers to measuring the acidity and alkalinity in your aquarium water.

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If it gives you a read on ph all the better.

Betta fish tank water test. Because the water can be crystal clear and still be less than optimum read healthy for your betta. Read more about treating tap water below. The ph of bottled water varies depending on the provider so it s best to test the water with a ph kit.

It s imperative that you initially test for ph before adding your betta to the aquarium. To keep water changes down use a test kit once a week to check water chemistry. This is why having an aquarium water test kit that measures the levels of ammonia nitrites and nitrates is a must if you want happy fish.

It s the most affordable way of acquiring water for your betta. The ammonia for any tank should be 0 same as the nitrites and nitrates 40 preferably 20 or below. Diseases like ich are more likely to occur in tanks that have a high alkaline level.

If you introduce a betta to tap water without it being treated your fish will die. One or more levels may differs from optimal levels shown later in this article. Follow the troubleshooting guide to correct the problem.

Betta fish water ph levels. It s pretty much a given that betta fish water quality is key to successful betta fish keeping. If you notice the symptoms of ich as well as treating your betta immediately you should test the tank water too.

Bottled water tends to be spring or mineral water. The ph value can range from 0 to 14 with the lower numbers reflecting a more acidic environment and the higher numbers reflecting a more alkaline environment. Yet you can t eyeball water quality and tell where things stand.

For the most part water will maintain a ph near 7 which is considered neutral. Always make sure the water s ph levels are appropriate for your betta fish too something a test will tell you. If your betta is being housed in a community tank then you may notice symptoms of disease on more of your fish.

If treated correctly this water will be fine. It s important to keep ph in mind when establishing a new tank or changing out the water. Use water changes only as a last resort.

You will be doing a fish in tank cycle did you get a water test kit the one that uses liquid reactants as the test strips are notoriously inaccurate and work out more expensive in the long run. An essential part of betta water care. Betta fish prefer a ph between 6 5 and 8 but can tolerate slightly more acidic water if the change is made gradually.

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