Betta Fish Not Eating Or Moving

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These are fin rot dropsy and tumors. Betta barely moving and not eating help.

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Is he sleeping and losing track of.

Betta fish not eating or moving. If you re keeping your betta in a tank which isn t warm enough then it s going to result in lethargy and a slower metabolism. If your betta fish won t eat it s important to remove uneaten food from their tank after it s clear they re not interested give them a chance first. I have had him for about a year and usually he swims up to the side of the bowl and looks at me.

I have this thing he likes to hide in ever since i got him. My betta fish had been laying on the rocks in the bottom of his bowl. If you think your betta might not be eating due to stress then maybe try bringing some darkness to the tank to reduce stress.

My betta is barely moving and won t move from the back i am using a mini bow and he isn t eating help. There are a few diseases that are common to the betta fish. If you are still wondering why your betta fish isn t eating it s important to remember that betta fish are cold blooded fish whose metabolism is directly related to the water temperature where they live betta fish need their water to be kept at a stable temperature between 24 c and 26 c 75 2 f and 78 8 f.

Betta fish not moving could be due to an illness. Your new betta is probably stressed out. Most bettas will not eat for a while after a ride in the car because they need time to get use to the change of temperature normally the temperature in store cups is below normal to the fish p s.

He just hides in there all day and all night. It could be lac of space or the fish could be stressed out. But for the past maybe few months or maybe longer he won t come out of it.

Bettas are cold blooded which means a lot of their energy is based on the temperature around them. Or at least come out to eat. Sometimes you may notice a betta fish not eating because of the temperature in the tank.

Uneaten food can quickly sabotage the water quality in your tank leading to a whole host of other problems. My betta fish is not moving or eating. Out of all the diseases common to betta there is one in particular that will make them incapable of moving.

Your betta is sick. All of these could cause the fish to become ill and not move around. So i ve had this betta fish for almost a year and he used to always be swimming around all the time and he d greet me when i get home.

Cover the tank with a small blanket so the fish doesn t have to witness all the movement outside of the tank. Betta fish not eating for a week not swimming or moving for hours at a time laying flat at the bottom of the bowl. Sometimes he goes up to the top of it to get air then swims back down and lets out the air.

I 39 m really worried that he will die.

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