Betta Fish In Cycling Tank

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The water doesn t hold the bacteria the filter media does so changing the water won t make you lose anything from your moms filter. Of course you can do cycle a tank with a betta.

To Set Up A New Betta Fish Tank You Need To Cycle It First To Make It A Safe Place For Your New Pet The Betta Fish Tank Fresh Water Fish

In return they will transform the dangerous ammonia levels to the way less harmful nitrates.

Betta fish in cycling tank. This takes longer but it means your betta can live in your tank as you do it. I used this guide to cycle my tanks the first few times. Petco has their sale the numbers are fluctuating too much for my comfort i figure screw it.

I have three male bettas each in 2 5 gallon tanks with a heater and filter. I tested my water there is about 0 25. He overfed him because when he went to feed my fish in the morning the flakes from the day before were still on the top of the water.

It is my personal opinion that it is easier to fish in cycle with just one betta but that may not be a popular opinion. Incomplete tank cycling you ve added the betta before the aquarium was ready to harbour live fish. Within a few days and some research i upgraded to 3 5 gallon tanks for each with heater filter.

Tank cycling is when you leave the beneficial bacteria enough time to develop a colony. When you have enough bacteria your tank is cycled. It takes a little longer with fish in the tank as you have to do water changes to keep the fish healthy.

So i come home two days ago to. I just recently bought an ammonia test kit and also had some nitrate and nitrite testing strips. To cycle a tank.

Better do it now while i m in the mood. Fish in cycling at a glance. I was on a trip and told my brother to feed my betta while i was gone.

Here is the whole story it s quite long. I clean about 50 75 of the water once a week. If you are new to betta fish keeping please check out our caresheet and wiki.

He came home with half gallon bowls for each fish. So i am already upgrading tom bombadil from a 5 to a 10 gallon aquarium. I m new to keeping fish my husband bought 2 betta fish with my kids when i was visiting my sister.

I figured out everything i d need to do a fishless cycle in a planted tank knew bettas needed 5 gal minimum and went ahead and ordered a tank and all the supplies. Beneficial bacteria develop that feed on this ammonia and eventually convert it to nitrate that is non toxic upto 40ppm for more fish. My filter is has carbon zeolite and a sponge as well.

If not do fishless cycling. A few questions about my sick betta fish and cycling the tank. Cycling tank with betta fish.

I suggest the fish in cycle when cycling a tank so long as you have purchased a fish already. Hi i did a lot of research before jumping into betta tanks but in the beginning cycling really stuck out to me and idk why but i kind of got cycling tunnel vision. Possible contamination is far more dangerous to a future m fish than having an uncycled tank.

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