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Best Fish Finder of 2017: The Top Picks for Finding Your Next Catch

The Garmin Striker 7SV Fishfinder

Garmin Striker 7SV Fishfinder

The Garmin Striker 7SV is a highly recommended fish finder that has been specifically designed for freshwater and saltwater fishing. This fishfinder is part of the highly successful Striker series, and it has been receiving positive reviews from users all over the world for its exceptional features. If you are an angler who is looking to get a reliable and high quality fishfinder, the Garmin Striker 7SV is definitely worth considering.

The Garmin Striker 7SV Fishfinder is equipped with a high-frequency CHIRP sonar that provides high-resolution underwater details. This allows anglers to clearly view fish, structures, and other underwater objects in great detail. The CHIRP sonar technology of the Garmin Striker 7SV Fishfinder is capable of penetrating through debris, seaweed, and other objects found in the water. This means that you won’t have to worry about missing out on underwater activity. The Striker 7SV’s CHIRP sonar also has little to no interference with other sonars.

The Garmin Striker 7SV Fishfinder also features a built-in GPS system that allows anglers to mark and save hotspots. With this GPS feature, you can easily return to a fishing spot that you previously marked, even in the dark. The GPS system also helps to track your location and speed. This fishfinder is also equipped with a waypoint map that shows up to 5,000 waypoints, which makes it easy for anglers to navigate to their favorite fishing destinations.

Another standout feature of the Garmin Striker 7SV Fishfinder is its Quickdraw Contours mapping software, which creates custom contour maps in real time. This feature allows anglers to create unique and detailed contour maps of the areas they fish in. With this software, you can create custom maps of a spot, save it and use it at a later time. This feature is exclusive to Garmin fish finders and gives the user the opportunity to create and save their custom maps.

The Garmin Striker 7SV Fishfinder also has a ClearVü sonar that provides a photographic view of what’s happening beneath your boat. This sonar technology produces near-photographic images of the underwater environment. With this feature, you don’t have to rely on guesswork when it comes to identifying underwater structures and fish.

Overall, the Garmin Striker 7SV Fishfinder is a top-of-the-line fish finder that’s loaded with features that make fishing even more enjoyable and fruitful. Its high-frequency CHIRP sonar, built-in GPS system, Quickdraw Contours mapping software, and ClearVü sonar all work together to provide users with an unbeatable, all-in-one fishing experience. If you are in the market for a high-quality fishfinder, the Garmin Striker 7SV is definitely worth a close look.

Top Features to Look for in a Fish Finder

fish finder frequency display gps

When it comes to selecting a fish finder, there are several important features to consider. These features are what make the difference between an average fish finder and a high-quality one. Here are some of the top features to look for in a fish finder.


fish finder frequency

The frequency of a fish finder refers to the number of sound waves emitted by the device per second. A high frequency means that the device will be able to provide more detail and accuracy. For example, a 200 kHz frequency is ideal for shallow waters while a 50 kHz frequency is better suited for deep waters. However, fish finders with multiple frequency capabilities are the best as they are versatile for different fishing situations.

Display Size

fish finder display size

Display size is another important feature to consider when selecting a fish finder. The larger the display, the easier it is to read and interpret the data. Fish finders with larger displays usually have higher resolution capabilities, making it easier to spot fish and other underwater structures. Portable fish finders have smaller displays while installed models offer larger displays.


fish finder gps

GPS is a crucial feature for fishermen who are looking to mark and save fishing spots or keep track of their movements. With GPS, a fisherman can find their way back to fishing spots, and the device can create maps of the waters being fished. Some fish finders also have advanced GPS capabilities, such as the ability to display tide data, alert you when approaching restricted areas, and track your speed.


fish finder transducer

The transducer is the part of the fish finder that transmits and receives sonar signals. It is responsible for creating the image of what is beneath the water surface. The quality of the transducers varies depending on the price, but fish finders with high-quality transducers provide better image quality and accuracy.

Water Resistance

fish finder water resistance

Since fish finders are designed to be used in the water, it is important to ensure they are waterproof and can withstand being exposed to water. Fish finders with higher water resistance ratings are more durable and reliable, and can work in extreme weather conditions. It is important to note that water resistance is different from waterproof. Waterproof means the device can be fully submerged in water, while water resistance means the device can resist the ingress of water.


fish finder power

The power of a fish finder refers to the amount of energy it uses to transmit signals and provide results. The higher the power, the better the performance of the device. The power of the device is important when you are fishing in deep waters, as it can impact the device’s ability to detect fish and other objects accurately.


fish finder portability

Portability is a critical factor for fishermen who don’t have a dedicated fishing boat. Portable fish finders are compact, lightweight and easy to carry around, making them ideal for those who prefer bank or dock fishing. They can be used from various locations and can be easily stored when not in use. Portable fish finders also do not require installation, making them an excellent choice for beginners.


fish finder price

The price of a fish finder is one of the most significant factors to consider when making a purchase decision. The price range of fish finders can vary widely, from $50 to several thousand dollars. However, a high price does not always guarantee high quality. It is important to research and compare models to find the best features for the price.

These are some of the essential features to consider when choosing a fish finder. Understanding these features can help you make an informed decision when selecting a fish finder that best fits your needs and budget.

The Best Fish Finder Overall

Garmin Striker 7SV

Are you serious about finding fish? If so, then you need the best fish finder 2017 has to offer, which is without a doubt, the Garmin Striker 7SV. This incredible device is packed with features that make it perfect for any fishing trip, no matter what your skill level may be.

Garmin Striker 7SV display

One of the most impressive features of the Garmin Striker 7SV is its high frequency sonar. This technology allows for incredibly detailed images of the underwater world, making it easy to spot any schools of fish that may be lurking beneath the surface. The device also features a large display, which makes it easy to read and interpret the sonar data. This is particularly important when you are out on the water, as you need to be able to quickly and accurately determine the location of the fish.

Another impressive feature of the Garmin Striker 7SV is its CHIRP sonar technology. This allows the device to transmit a range of frequencies at once, which results in a much clearer image of the underwater world. This is particularly useful when you are trying to find fish in areas with a lot of debris or other obstructions.

Garmin Striker 7SV mounting

In addition to these impressive features, the Garmin Striker 7SV also comes with a number of other useful tools. For example, it has a GPS navigator that makes it easy to mark and save the locations of your favorite fishing spots. It also has a built-in temperature sensor that can help you identify areas of the water where the fish are most likely to be feeding.

Overall, there is no doubt that the Garmin Striker 7SV is the best fish finder of 2017. Its high frequency sonar, large display, and CHIRP technology make it a must-have for any serious angler. So why wait? Invest in the best fish finder on the market today and take your fishing game to the next level!

The Best Budget Fish Finder

Humminbird PiranhaMax 197C DI

When you are on a budget, it can be challenging to find a high-quality fish finder that gives you the results you want without breaking the bank. Luckily, the Humminbird PiranhaMax 197C DI is an excellent option for those who want reliable sonar and a compact design at an affordable price.

This fish finder boasts a 3.5-inch color display with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels, giving you crisp and clear images of what’s happening under the water. It also features dual-beam sonar, with a 28-degree beam for wider coverage and a 16-degree beam for greater detail. The sonar is powerful enough to reach depths of up to 600 feet in fresh water and 300 feet in saltwater.

The Humminbird PiranhaMax 197C DI is easy to use, even for beginners. It has a simple interface and comes with a detailed user manual to help you get started. You can customize the settings to suit your preferences and adjust the sensitivity to target specific species of fish. It also has a built-in temperature sensor that displays the water temperature, which can be helpful in locating where the fish are congregating.

One of the key benefits of the Humminbird PiranhaMax 197C DI is its compact design. It is small enough to fit in your tackle box, making it easy to transport from one fishing spot to another. It also comes with a tilt-mount base and a quick-release bracket, allowing you to adjust the angle of the display and remove it easily when not in use.

Overall, the Humminbird PiranhaMax 197C DI is an excellent choice for those on a budget who want a reliable and easy-to-use fish finder. It’s perfect for small vessels like kayaks or canoes, but it can also be used on larger boats if you prefer a more compact device. With its powerful sonar, customizable settings, and compact design, the Humminbird PiranhaMax 197C DI is one of the best budget fish finders available in 2021.

The Best Fish Finder for Deep Water Fishing

The Best Fish Finder for Deep Water Fishing

Deep water fishing requires a high-performance fish finder that can provide accurate and detailed information about the underwater environment. The Lowrance HOOK-4 CHIRP is a top-rated fish finder that is perfect for deep water fishing and any angler who wants to take their fishing skills to the next level.

This fish finder offers a powerful frequency and down imaging that allows you to see everything that is happening beneath the surface. With CHIRP and DownScan Imaging technology, the HOOK-4 CHIRP provides clear and detailed images with greater target separation and better fish arch presentation than traditional sonar.

The down imaging feature is especially useful for deep water fishing as it provides a detailed view of the bottom structure, contour lines, and any fish that are lurking in the depths. With this technology, you can easily locate your prey and improve your chances of catching a big one.

The HOOK-4 CHIRP also comes with advanced signal processing that reduces noise and interference from other devices and water conditions. This ensures that you get a clear and accurate image of the underwater environment, even in murky water or in areas with a lot of boat traffic.

Additionally, the HOOK-4 CHIRP has a large and easy-to-read display that allows you to view all the information at a glance. The 4.3-inch screen is bright, high-resolution, and easy to navigate, making it simple to use even for novice anglers.

Another great feature of the Lowrance HOOK-4 CHIRP is its GPS capabilities. It comes with built-in GPS mapping that allows you to create your own personalized maps, mark waypoints, and navigate to your favorite fishing spot easily. The GPS system also provides accurate speed information, which is crucial for trolling and drift fishing.

In conclusion, the Lowrance HOOK-4 CHIRP is a fantastic option for anyone who wants to take their deep water fishing to the next level. With its advanced imaging technology, high-performance signal processing, and GPS mapping capabilities, this fish finder is a reliable and versatile tool that can help you catch more fish and make the most of your time on the water.

The Garmin EchoMAP CHIRP 53cv for Kayak Fishing

Garmin EchoMAP CHIRP 53cv

If you’re an avid kayak angler, you know the importance of having a reliable fish finder to help you locate fish and navigate the waters. The Garmin EchoMAP CHIRP 53cv may just be the perfect fit for you.

This fish finder boasts a compact and lightweight design that won’t take up too much space on your kayak. But don’t let its small size fool you – it comes packed with features that make it well worth the investment.

One of the standout features of the Garmin EchoMAP CHIRP 53cv is its built-in GPS. This allows you to create and save waypoints, plot routes, and easily navigate your way back to shore or your home fishing spot. The CHIRP sonar technology also makes it easier to differentiate between fish, vegetation, and other objects underwater.

The 5-inch display is clear, easy to read, and provides all the relevant information at a glance. The CHIRP sonar technology produces more detailed and accurate images of the fish and underwater structure than traditional sonar. It also includes a built-in lake map to help guide anglers to the best spots.

In addition, the Garmin EchoMAP CHIRP 53cv has a maximum depth of 800 feet in freshwater and 500 feet in saltwater, plenty for most fishing locations. Its IPX7 rating means it can withstand splashes and rain without any issues.

The unit is also compatible with several different transducers, making it versatile and easy to customize to your specific needs. Its easy-to-use keypad and intuitive interface make it simple to operate even for beginners.

The Garmin EchoMAP CHIRP 53cv also comes with a one-year warranty, giving you quality assurance and peace of mind with your purchase.

All in all, the Garmin EchoMAP CHIRP 53cv is an excellent fish finder that provides an ideal balance between quality, features, and price. Its compact size, reliable GPS, and CHIRP sonar technology make it an excellent choice for kayak anglers looking to improve their fishing game.

The top fish finder of 2017: Garmin Striker 7sv

Garmin Striker 7sv

When it comes to fish finders, the Garmin Striker 7sv is the cream of the crop in 2017. This device comes with a 7-inch display, high-sensitivity GPS, Chirp sonar, and a built-in flasher. With these features, the Garmin Striker 7sv allows you to get a clear view of what’s underneath your boat and even gives you the ability to mark your favorite fishing spots. The device is also equipped with a waypoint map, which allows you to easily navigate to and from your locations without losing track of where you are.

The Garmin Striker 7sv is also very user-friendly. It has a simple interface that even a beginner can easily understand and it comes with a wide range of customizable settings that can be adjusted to your preference. The device is durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions, making it ideal for any serious angler.

One of the standout features of the Garmin Striker 7sv is its Chirp sonar. This advanced technology provides a clearer and more detailed image of what’s going on beneath your boat than traditional sonar technology. The Chirp sonar emits a continuous sweep of frequencies, which results in clearer and more accurate readings of fish and structure. This technology is especially helpful when trying to identify fish schools, drop-offs, and individual fish targets.

Overall, the Garmin Striker 7sv has everything you need in a fish finder and more. Its advanced features, user-friendly interface, and durability make it a top choice for any angler looking to get serious about their fishing.

Options for every budget and fishing preference

Fish finders

While the Garmin Striker 7sv may be the top fish finder of 2017, not everyone may be able to afford it. Fortunately, there are plenty of other options that cater to every budget and fishing preference.

For those on a tight budget, the Humminbird PiranhaMax 4 is a great option. This device is very affordable, compact, and easy to use. Despite its low price point, it still manages to offer a wide range of useful features such as dual beam sonar, a simple interface, and a durable design.

For those who prefer ice fishing or fishing in freshwater ponds, the Lucky Fish Finder is a great choice. This portable device is compact and easy to carry around, making it perfect for fishing on the go. It offers a 45-degree beam angle, adjustable sensitivity and depth range, and a built-in fish alarm to make sure that you never miss a catch.”

Those who fish in saltwater may prefer the Raymarine Dragonfly 7 Pro. This device offers advanced Chirp sonar and a high-resolution display that allows you to easily see what’s going on beneath your boat. It also comes with a built-in GPS, which enables you to mark and navigate your favorite fishing spots with ease.

There are plenty of other fish finders on the market that cater to specific fishing preferences and budgets. The key is to understand what you need in a fish finder and to do your research before making a purchase.


Fishing boats

Choosing the right fish finder can make all the difference in your fishing experience. While the Garmin Striker 7sv may be the top choice for serious anglers, there are plenty of other options available for those on a budget or with specific fishing preferences. Do your research, consider your budget, and make a choice that best suits your needs. No matter which device you choose, a good fish finder can be a game-changer for any angler.

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