Aquarium Fish By Size

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As a general yardstick for normal situations the one inch rule works adequately and is very easy to calculate. Typical store and online fish tank sizes.

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Angelfish should be kept alone or kept with three or more.

Aquarium fish by size. All you need is to measure your fish tank s length from side to side height from top to bottom of the tank and depth from front to back and you can figure out how much water your aquarium holds. Such fully grown size makes the dwarf rasbora one of the smallest fish in the aquarium trade. If using it always use net gallons of water and take into account the adult size as well as the shape of the fish.

This pretty dwarf aquarium pet fish grows to a maximum of only 1 inch 2 54 cm but the average standard size for a single specimen would be around 0 75 inches 1 9 cm. While they are peaceful the males may at times turn aggressive at one another so it is recommended you provide 2 females for every male. If the aquarium is a non standard size the surface area rule will work better than the standard one inch rule.

If the tank is a half cylinder simply divide the result of the calculation by two. Remember the overall outside size of the tank will be bigger allowing for the glass thickness. Hexagon fish tank volume calculator.

60 to 70 degrees. This form will convert tank dimensions for your rectangular fish tank in either centimeters or inches to both gallons and liters. This is because that if two are kept together the larger fish will pick on the smaller fish.

The angelfish is a great choice as a centerpiece fish in a 55 gallon tank but be sure not to stock small fish as they could become a snack. The gold barb barbus schuberti is also known as the chinese barb and is a coldwater aquarium fish that s rapidly gaining in popularity. Measure the height and diameter of your aquarium in inches then divide diameter by 2 to get the radius and enter those dimensions into the calculator below to find out the volume of the tank.

They rarely grow over an inch in size and can tolerate temperatures ranging from 72 to 77 degrees fahrenheit and ph between 6 and 7 2 7 pea pufferfish these fish do best in temperatures of around 7 7 to 79degres fahrenheit. Only growing to about an inch and a half in length the pea pufferfish is also known as the pygmy puffer fish. Due to their size the pearl gouramis are among the best big fish for a medium to larger community tank with small schooling aquarium mates.

For example a small aquarium may have glass that is 1 8 of an inch. Freshwater angelfish are extremely popular in the aquarium industry they are new world cichlids and come in a variety of colors and patterns. If you have the aquarium size already maybe buying online the following will help you check the water size in us gallons or litres.

Angelfish can grow up to fifteen centimetres six inches and therefore should be housed in a large aquarium.

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